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Meditation for Past Life Recall

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Human experience is transient, but the soul within is eternal. Many of us have walked the earth plane before in one or more previous lives. In some cases the experiences of our past lives continue to an exert an influence on our present existence.

This meditation can help you unlock hidden memories from previous incarnations. Use it for relaxation, fun, or to better understand what makes you what you are.

If you want, you can record these words and play them back to guide you through the meditation. If you do this, remember to leave plenty of pauses to allow yourself to fully experience the impressions that will present themselves. Or you may prefer to simply memorize the meditation, replaying it in your mind. Feel free to change any of the imagery to whatever feel right for you.

Make yourself some quiet space and time. If you share your home tell your companions you don't want to be disturbed for half an hour or so. Switch the phone off and close the door. If it helps, play some gentle music in the background. Get yourself into a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths.

When you feel relaxed, visualize a clock of your choice, see the hands slowing down, stopping and then going backwards. Slowly at first, but then with increasing speed.

Now, visualize yourself turning around 180 degrees.

NB: If you are short of time you may omit the section below shown in italics

Find yourself back at a significant time in your past. It might be a very happy time. Or you may choose to re-visit a less happy time. If you do choose a less happy time be assured that it can no longer do you any harm.

Be there. See what you saw. Hear what you heard. Feel what you felt. Notice the people. Experience your interactions with them.

Before you leave this scene, consider for a moment why it is significant to you, and what lessons it held for you.

Turn around 180 degrees.

Now, see the clock again. The hands are stopped. Then they begin turning backwards. Slowly at first, but then with increasing speed.

And again, turn around 180 degrees.

You find yourself back at your earliest childhood home. Visualize as much detail as you can remember. Allow the details you cannot remember to form from your imagination. See your home from the outside. Enter the front door. Explore inside. Eventually, make your way to your favorite room. See the details of this room. The furniture, the flooring, the wall coverings.

And then you notice an extra door, one that isn't in your memory, but now exists in your visualization.

This door will lead you to one of your past lives. Stand before the door for a few moments. Study the door. Think of any questions you may want answered on the other side. It may be you are looking for an answer to a current life circumstance.

When you are ready, open the door, and step across the threshold. You are entering a different world. The world of one of your previous lives.

Note carefully your first impressions on stepping over the threshold. You may find yourself in a fully-detailed scene. Or you may just have one or two thoughts pop into your head. Don't force it, just allow the impressions to unfold.

If you're participating in a detailed scene, allow it to unfold. Note the setting, the period, your role. You may be a different age, race or gender than your current status in this life. Who are the people around you? What is your relationship to them? How do you feel?

If you're just getting a few impressions, that's fine too. Allow them to unfold. Is there anything unexpected? Anything that cannot be explained by your current situation? Focus on any impression and see where it takes you? Ask Spirit to give you more detail? Why are you being given this impression?

Now it's time to leave your past and return to your present day reality. If you want to, ask to be given more details from this past life in your dream state.

Once more turn around 180 degrees and this time see the hands on the clock moving forwards. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed until they become a blur. Then they begin to slow again, until you are back in your present day reality.

Take a few deep breaths, the open your eyes and find yourself back in your room, feeling great.


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