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Death: The Great Change

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Why must the physical body die?  Why must each soul taste death?

In death the reason for life is more visible. Death of the physical body is necessary for the lesson to be learned.  The universe is in motion, constantly changing; connected by energy, recreating itself according to various designs. This is our destiny as well.

To the poet: life is like an afternoon at the shore.  The sunlight, ocean spray, sand, and multitude of sea creatures are to be enjoyed.  We come for a few hours, experience the many sensations with family and friends, then return renewed to our other duties and life.

As we rest and watch the motion of the ocean waves, they remind us of our lasting nature. We are children of spirit who came into this realm to enjoy the afternoon’s experience, learn, work, serve and move on. Death of the physical body is necessary so the spiritual lesson is learned; our lasting nature is spirit and like the universe, after our physical death we continue to evolve.

The body is a wonder of nature and evolution, yet, derives its driving force or energy from spirit. Daily, this magnificent, efficient, and highly complex organism is created through our spirit, has work to do, then returns to the elements from which it came.  This cycle exists to remind us of our relationship with the Divine. We are here for an enjoyable afternoon, have work to do and move on.

In time, the sting of death is replaced with the peace of acceptance and knowledge, we are children of spirit.  And our lasting destiny is to dance across the stars.

* * * * * * * * * * *

When I am no longer here
I will have become
A ray of Light
Traveling through the air.
I will dance and sing
Before the smiling King/Queen.

My body will be no more
And through the galaxy I will soar.
A spirit of radiant love
That will glisten on the universal seas;
Reflecting God’s Light for all eternity.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Death Call

Gently, the ocean waves break upon the rocks;
As an old woman rests
Beneath the late afternoon sun.
Sheltered under her favorite umbrella,
Sitting in a worn beach chair.
Listening to the ocean’s soft lullaby;
Slowly, she raises her head
And peacefully calls out across the water.

“You are nothing more
Than a warm afternoon in the sun;
An eternal vacation by the shore
And I am no longer afraid.”

Again very slowly, she rests her head
Back on her chest;
And for a moment, closes her eyes-
Breathing deep the fresh ocean air.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Where do we go after death?

This is a matter of great concern and often, incomplete information.  The heaven and hell that many believe in is an approximation and simplification. There is an afterlife with a period of review, and preparation before the soul takes its next step.

One of the great teachers described the next phase, using an example of a large house with many rooms.

In this example, which was given for a specific time and cultural grouping, there was no discussion of rooms for good people and rooms for bad people.  This example was intended as a parable, a teaching device, to point out there was an existence after death and it had multi-layers.

The notion, if you are good, you go to heaven and bad, to hell were put forth by religious systems to direct traveler’s behavior.  It is no mystery; certain behaviors are good for travelers and a society and others destructive; that was the major point of this simplification.

The limitation of this teaching was that it did not go deeper with respect to helping travelers spiritually develop and learn how they could perceive which behaviors were needed in specific situations. After a period of preparation, each of us can do this without assistance. We all have an internal indicator, which needs to be further developed in order to do this.

Some teachings are designed to make people dependent. The teaching of heaven and hell, works on a level of fear, control and dependence.  Others tell us what is good, and if we follow their direction: our reward will be heaven.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Change


Why must we die?


In the living
Is the dying.
The nature of all existence
Is to change.
As the leaf falls from the tree
And gives life to the soil,
In this way, we must change to another form
To serve our purpose.

God has created us
To be here for a short time,
Then, God Calls us to move on.


During our hour on this earth,
What are we to do?


Much of this is entirely
Up to you. There are many activities
To pick and choose.

Also, there are many mysteries
That we cannot penetrate
And many questions have no answers.

If the heart is tuned to the Creator in prayer,
Then, the meaning to existence
May be experienced.

Before our birth
We were with God
And after our death

We shall return Home.
This life is to be enjoyed
And instruct us in God’s Service.

And in the world to come
We shall continue
To Sing God’s Praise.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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