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Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age

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Questions and Answers by Benjamin Creme

A selection of answers to questions about the science and the practice of Transmission Meditation. (March 2012) 

The January/February issue of Share International published an edited version of a talk by Benjamin Creme on 'Transmission: a Meditation for the New Age', which took place at Cecil Sharp House, London on 26 January 2008. We present a selection of previously published questions on Transmission Meditation and some new questions from the Transmission Meditation Conference held at Kerkrade, the Netherlands, in September 2011.

Q. In the Alice Bailey book The Rays and the Initiations the functions of the New Group of World Servers are described. It says: "One function is to enable 'externalising units of perfection' (the higher initiates and the Masters) to step down Their individual potency to such a degree that They will be able to work in physical objectivity on the earth with no undesirable effects upon humanity." Is Transmission Meditation facilitating this?

A. Yes.

Q. How were energies transmitted into the world before Transmission Meditation groups existed?

A. Transmission Meditation is unique and very new. It was introduced into the world by my Master and the first group started in London in March 1974.

Why do we need a new form of meditation? It is only at this time that there are a growing number of people with the desire to serve the planet in some way and who are growing closer to identifying with their souls and so are seeking a field of service. It is not the personality but the soul that desires to serve. More and more people are reaching this stage and so it becomes possible for Transmission Meditation to be given to the world.

The Masters are the master scientists of the occult sciences. This is a great science brought down to a level which allows people to take part in it. It is a simple way to serve because the real work is done by the Masters.

The Masters are the Custodians of all the energies entering this planet from cosmic, solar and extra-planetary sources; Their work is to select from the energies those needed at any given time and to distribute them at a level that humanity can absorb. The energies are very high in vibration, the Masters step them down through Themselves.

The Masters look for means of distribution in the world and up till now the religious groups have been used to distribute the energies, but the people in those groups may be no more evolved than other people. There are people in the religious groups, the teachers and priests, who tend to be a bit more advanced. So there were some who could handle the energies at a higher level, step them down and so make them available to humanity. This is done now in an entirely scientific way.

The Masters send the energies through the Transmission Meditation groups and they act as stepping stones. The energies go through the chakras of the group and out to wherever they are needed in the world. Transmission Meditation is a way of working directly with the Masters to serve the world.

Science and practice of Transmission Meditation

Q. How important is the role of triangles?

A. The science of triangles is the very basis of Transmission Meditation. That is why it is so powerful, and why it can do this tremendous work of saving the world. The triangulation of energies by the Masters is how They magnify the quality of the energies They send into the world through Transmission Meditation groups. It only works through the science of triangles.

Everyone taking part in a Transmission Meditation is linked by a line of force (invisible to you but visible to the Masters), so each person is energetically connected to everyone else. That makes a group out of a number of individuals. The triangulation of the energies through the group means that instead of your limited little bit of energy, you have the energy that comes from the science of triangles. For example, three people make one triangle; five people give the group 10 triangles; 10 people in a group gives 120 triangles. You can see the difference. The energy is being increased in potency by the triangulation. If you have 150 people in the room, you get thousands of triangles. If you only have 75 people, you have considerably less than half that number of triangles. The science of triangles is crucial. It is the basis of the power of Transmission Meditation.

Q. Do the triangles only link people in the one group or do they link people who are transmitting in other groups as well?

A. Each group forms a network of triangles, and the Masters link these simultaneously to a worldwide network of similar triangles.

Q. If only two people are in a Transmission group, are they still a triangle?
A. No, three is the basic number for a triangle but a certain degree of energy can be put through two people.

Q. There is a common experience of sleeping during Transmission Meditation. How is the value of the Transmission affected when someone is sleeping?

A. Of course, the more people who are asleep the less work is done, the less energy will be sent through, and the less valuable that group becomes.

When people sleep, it lessens the work of the group. But it is better that you sleep for five minutes and then be restored and keep your attention up for the next two hours than to go on nodding your head and not having your attention up. Your attention has to be at the ajna centre; otherwise you are not being used in the group whether you are awake or asleep. You do not want to spend hours sleeping, but to slightly doze off until you are restored, if you are able to go on after that and really be aligned, you are valuable to the group.

Q. Some people sleep the whole time during Transmission and some people sleep a little bit or some combination. Is there a proper response to people who are sleeping? Should we be waking people up whom we are sitting next to or do we just let them sleep to restore themselves and wait 10 minutes? What do we do when people are sleeping?

A. Perhaps some people only get their sleep during Transmission!

Q. What will be the unifying force for groups after the Day of Declaration? Will this group be held together by Transmission Meditation or by the externalisation of the ashrams?

A. Over time by both Transmission Meditation and the coming into the world of a large group of Masters.

Q. Will the groups stay together because it is easier to stay together?

A. They will stay together because there is work to be done together, and they will grow in number.

Q. From the Masters' perspective, what makes a person part of this group? Doing Transmission? Making known Maitreya's presence in the world? Both or either of these activities?

A. Both.

Q. Do you have to be sensitive to your own etheric body in order to be a good transmitter during Transmission Meditation?

A. No.

Q. Is the quality of the Transmission better if those transmitting are sensitive to the energies?

A. Not necessarily.

Q. Could you please advise on how to develop more sensitivity to the etheric and to the energies?

A. Keep transmitting and gradually most people will become aware of the energies in their body. However people's physical bodies are different, especially according to their ray structure. Some people have been transmitting for many years but say they do not feel the energies. All the same they do have some awareness that the Transmission is taking place.

Q. What makes some people more sensitive to the energies than others?

A. They are simply more sensitive to the energy in their etheric body; people vary.

Q. In some groups there are people who concentrate solely on doing Transmission Meditation, while others focus on doing 'Emergence work' but not Transmission Meditation - what's the effect of this on the group?

A. Some people are more drawn to meditation, especially, but not exclusively, those along the 2-4-6 ray structure line. Others are more orientated to the outer world, especially, but not exclusively, along the 1,3,5,7 ray line. However, I believe that all the people working in a group of this kind should do Transmission Meditation which is a service to the world but also provides a pool of energy from which all the group can benefit.

Q. Why are some people only allowed to do a limited number of hours of Transmission Meditation per week?

A. This applies only to those who have some physical or mental illness, which restricts the time. These energies are very powerful and have to be modified in such cases.

Q. What are the conditions necessary so that Maitreya can work directly through the group soul?

A. People should recognise that it is the soul which leads them to do Transmission Meditation and that establishes the group activity that allows the Masters to send the energies through that group. If the group is working correctly in Transmission Meditation this happens automatically.

Q. In what ways can one recognise that a group is developing a group soul?

A. Only the Masters can recognise this.

Q. How is the ray structure of the group affected by the rays of the individual members and also the rays of the country?

A. The rays of the individual members, together with the rays of the countries involved, generally determine the group rays.

Q. If a number of people leave or join a group does that change the group's ray structure?

A. Yes to a greater or lesser extent.

Q. Is your Master 'satisfied' with how the experiment of Transmission Meditation is developing in the world? Does He consider it successful so far?

A. Yes, very much so.

Q. We presume Transmission Meditation will become steadily more and more widespread, and more important in the future; will the groups get larger? Would it be better to have more smaller groups than fewer very large Transmission groups?

A. Transmission Meditation will certainly spread. The groups will get larger but also very many small groups will flourish. The strength of any Transmission depends on the numbers taking part. But that can take place simultaneously through a large group or through any number of small groups. The outflow of energy from all participants whether in large or small groups is linked together worldwide by the Masters.

Q. What are the characteristics of an 'integrated personality'?

A. An integrated personality will have brought the vibrational rate of his or her three bodies - physical, astral, mental - into a synchronous vibration. Today most people are at the stage in which their rays determine whether they are proficient mainly in the outer world of form. He or she would also be able to move at will between the outer, form aspect of life, and the inner life of meditation.

Q. What is the maximum number of hours people may transmit at any given time - for example, during a period of 24 hours such as happens during the three Spiritual Festivals of Easter, Wesak and the Christ Festival?

A. There is a general rule that no one transmits more than 12 hours in all, during any 24 hour period.

Q. Can pregnant women take part in Transmission Meditation?

A. Yes, provided that their medical advisor is satisfied with their general health and the progress of the pregnancy.

Q. (1) Has the participation in Transmission Meditation over many years of a reasonably large group of people worldwide (all the members of Transmission Meditation Groups) had an effect on their evolution? (2) Has it also had a positive effect on the level of development of their communities (some forms of meditation are said to have a positive effect on the areas where the meditation takes place)?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Yes, but this is difficult to assess.

Q. Does Transmission Meditation strengthen and expand the heart centre and therefore increase the urge to serve?

A. Yes.

Q. How does Transmission Meditation fit in with or play a part in the externalisation of the Ashrams?

A. It is highly relevant to the externalisation process.


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