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Interview with the Soul

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By Steve Walker and Laura Cluff

The following excerpt is from a session at SkyWalker’s Hypnosis, and is part of the upcoming book, Interview with the Soul.  This session begins after the deepening process.


SW = Steve Walker

HS= Laura’s Higher-Self or Soul


SW: Do you know why we called upon you today?

HS: To help Laura overcome.


SW: To help Laura overcome what?

HS: To help Laura overcome her fears and anxieties; to help her reach her authentic self.


SW: Are you Laura’s authentic-self?

HS: Yes.


SW: Do you have any advice for Laura on what she can do to help overcome her fears and anxieties?

HS: She needs to trust that everything happens, the way and exactly why it is supposed to happen. Nothing is ever wrong, nothing is ever bad.


SW: Can you tell me your role, as part of Laura?

HS: I am Laura the rest of it is illusion. I am only there to be her.  My role is to help her realize this so she can shed the rest.


SW: Shed the rest meaning the illusions?

HS: Yes.


SW: So, the way Laura perceives life is strictly an illusion?

HS: Generally, she has been better.  She understands so much more, she needs to give herself credit for that.


SW: Laura does not give herself enough credit?

HS: No.


SW: How can Laura give herself that credit she deserves when she is lost in the anxiety and the illusion?

HS: It is a difficult process, she just needs to keep reminding herself that it is a process and it is not eternal, it is an illusion. There is nothing that can harm her or take away her happiness.


SW: And that is because you are her and you are her happiness?

HS: Right, I am the part of her that is God that is love and light, the rest of it is just here for the process of this life.


SW: What do you mean, “The process of this life?”

HS: The other parts of Laura - her body, her ego, her conscious mind - they are all tools for learning. They are all tools for this Earth life that she, that we are ALL here for, but they are not real, they are just tools, they are not who she is. She is not the pencil she writes with, she is not the desk she sits in, just as she is not her body, or her ego, or her conscious mind.  She connects to it too much and she needs to let go of that.


SW: When she lets go of the pencil and the desk and all the illusions, what is left?

HS: Light and love, her purpose. She still needs those tools to exist on this Earth and to learn the lessons, but she cannot become them.


SW: They are just tools?

HS: They are just tools.


SW: So, the illusions are mere tools.

HS: Yes.


SW: For Laura to look inward and find you?

HS: For Laura to look inward and find truth.  I am not truth I just am.


SW: Are you the one who decided to come to Earth?

HS: Yes.


SW: Why did you decide for this existence, this one particular “Laura” existence?

HS: To find and share her purpose.  Her purpose today is to shine that light on others, to help them grow and to see and in turn help ourselves to grow and to see.  Laura is supposed to be here to shine that light and that is why it bothers her so much when others cannot see that light, because she knows that is who she is supposed to be.


SW: What keeps others from seeing it? Does Laura keep others from seeing it?

HS: Her ego and her fears, her attachment to illusion.


SW: So, fears lead to attachment to illusion?

HS: Yes.


SW: So, the more we conquer our fears, the more the illusions disappear?

HS: Yes.


SW: What is the best way to make fears into illusion?  Is that what we want to do, make fears into illusion?

HS: The fears cause the illusions, too.  The attachment to the illusion is what causes the fears.  The illusions are necessary they are tools, just as your body is a tool, but it is the attachment to the body and the attachment to the illusion that causes the fear and in the same respect it can go the opposite way, they feed on one another.


SW: The body and the fears?

HS: Right.


SW: For instance, fears lead to cancer; cancer leads to more fear?

HS: Right.


SW: So, how do you break that cycle, when you do not know how to find the light switch to break it; to turn on the light? What does Laura do?

HS: She has to reconnect with the light that she is and the only way to do that is to try to remember, try to reconnect, because she has that capability. Not everyone is ready, but she is.


SW: Laura is ready to turn that focus inward?

HS: To reconnect, it is not about a focus it is about a reconnection.


SW: To you?

HS: Yes.


SW: Are you helping her do that, at all times?

HS: Yes, but she does not hear sometimes, because of the attachments to the tools.


SW: What are some of the signals she should be looking for, or feeling?

HS: There is no signal, but she builds a wall and that feeling in the pit of her stomach when she is feeling sick, when she is feeling anxiety, that is really me saying “Stop.  Stop.  Do not hang on to those thoughts anymore it is causing you pain, it is causing others pain. Let it go now.”


SW: That is you telling her to stop what she is doing and reconnect to her inward Higher-Self?

HS: Yes.


SW: And you are Laura’s Higher-Self, correct?

HS: Yes.


SW: When Laura prays is she praying to you?

HS: In a sense, because we are all One, our Higher-Selves are all One.  Your Higher-Self is one with God and light and the love that is everything.  We are all a piece of that and we are all whole in that, so yes in a sense.


SW: What is the purpose of the illusions, and making us feel separate and making us feel pain?  Why did you choose to come and experience all of that when before you came here you knew it was just an illusion?  Is that correct?

HS: Yes, it is learning.  We are here to learn and also to teach.


SW: Why does anyone choose to learn these lessons?  If we are already where we wanted to be why did we come back here to do it again?

HS: Because we cannot until everyone understands it.


SW: So, we all have to keep coming back until everyone comes home?

HS: Yes, that is why some of us are more teachers and some of us are more students.  The students need to keep learning, so we keep coming back.  We do not leave anyone behind.        


SW:  We cannot, because we are all One?

HS:  Right.

 Laura Cluff and Steve Walker

Steve Walker, Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Laura Cluff have written the book Interview with the Soul to help others reach a place of their own spiritual awakening.

To learn more, or to schedule your own session, visit


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