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Life After Death - What's Your Verdict?

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If you are anything like me, I know you are fascinated by the idea of life after death, but there are so many conflicting accounts! How then are we to assess the truth for ourselves? Well today I am really excited to share an opportunity with you to deliberate the matter for yourself in a very special online trial, and best of all, participation is totally free!

We've all heard stories about near death experiences and afterlife encounters, but is there enough evidence to hold true in the criteria used by our court system - beyond a reasonable doubt - that personal consciousness survives death? This is exactly what my friend and colleague New York Times bestselling author and former criminalist, Eldon Taylor investigates in his provocative new series where you, the listening audience, become the jury. But be advised, in your search for the truth, you may well find some of your favorite theories disproved!

More details here:

The evidence in this case will be closely examined via the means of near death experiences, reincarnation, electronic voice phenomenon, animals and the afterlife, mediumship, and more! You will hear in-depth testimony from 14 leading experts in these fields, such as: Dr. Raymond Moody, PMH Atwater, Dr. Julie Beischel, Dr. T. Lee Baumann, David Kessler, Dr. Kevin Nelson and Michael Tymn. By interviewing the experts, Eldon evaluates and let's you decide the verdict.

The information from this series may surprise you, so be sure to assess all the facts for yourself and make your own verdict. Also, gain access to incredible bonus gifts from numerous sponsors of this program, including one from myself.

Remember, there is zero cost involved and this series is only available for a limited period of time. I know this program will offer you
many eye-opening moments, so please do check it out - click the link below to join the investigation.

Participate now for free:


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