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What is Mediumship?

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In these uncertain times folk often seek guidance from mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants; but what exactly is the difference, what can one expect from a medium, and is mediumship a talent that can be developed for ourselves?

Stated simply a psychic is a person who is able to raise his/her intuitive energy ("vibrations") sufficiently to draw closer to the Spiritual reality of which we are all a part. More specifically, a medium is a psychic with the particular ability to communicate with the conscious energy of those entities who once lived on earth but whose mortal bodies have now died.

The term clairvoyance has a dual meaning; in Spiritualism it refers to a medium's ability to see Spirit whereas in parapsychology it describes the ability to obtain information across distance by extra-sensory means. Therefore someone describing themselves as a clairvoyant could be either a medium or a psychic and further inquiry to their specific abilities is advisable.

The consciousness (ie soul) of those who have passed inevitably continues to exist, and their memories and emotions draw them to remain close to the earth plane. And of all the emotions, love is the strongest. Those you have loved, and who have loved you, will remain close-by throughout your life.

What Do Mediums Do?

The primary job of a medium is to provide evidence of that continuation of consciousness by passing messages from departed souls to the living. This is no small thing. By showing that our existence is infinite, rather than the "bat of an eyelid" we spend on earth, we can fix our life's purpose and goals accordingly.

What Can't Mediums Do?

Mediums cannot predict the future, because the future does not yet exist but is instead created by the free-will of countless individuals.

Although mediums often pass on advice from those in Spirit, this advice should not be treated as absolute authority. Simply returning to Spirit doesn't endow Mum, Dad, Great Aunt Ethel etc with infinite wisdom. Don't ignore advice from mediums, but don't give it any greater weight than you would from the communicator had they been on earth.

And mediums cannot summon particular Spirits on demand. The Spirit realm is infinitely greater than the physical plane. Just because you haven't had a message from a particular person doesn't mean they don't care for you, it may mean they are engaged in other work (sorry, work doesn't end on physical death). The process of communication is 2-way, it needs both and Spirit you making themselves available. And if you go to a public meeting, such as a Spiritualist church, the medium will prioritize those whose need for communication is greatest.

Can Mediumship be Developed?

However "down to earth" we, or those around us might appear, we are all, without exception, Spiritual entities undergoing an earthly experience. A single human lifetime might appear insignificant compared to the age of the universe, but the age of universe is infinitesimal compared to the eternity of our Spiritual source.

As Spiritual entities we are all naturally psychics and mediums. But in most of us these abilities are buried under the more immediate concerns of daily life. On earth our Spiritual essence is obscured because the bodies we inhabit are of a much lower vibration, and because physical survival, stuff like staying healthy, paying the bills, raising kids etc etc, takes so much of our attention.

Like all talents, some of us are born more naturally able to raise our vibrations, ie be mediumistic, than others. But whatever our natural talent everyone can develop their innate mediumship.

The Spirits of the departed are drawn closer to the earth plane by emotion, and particularly by love. As such most of us should be able to feel awareness of our closest loved ones without any particular training program. Simply find yourself a quiet time and space, relax and switch out material concerns, focus on the memory of your loved one and allow them to draw close. If you have a given concern you will easily hear them, in your mind, offering encouragement. Of course this is not evidence since you knew them too well, but be assured it is no less real.

The traditional route for developing mediumship is by sitting in a "circle". This is a group of like-minded folk, led by an experienced medium, who undertake regular meetings, progressing through various exercises of meditation and developing Spiritual awareness.

It is also possible to develop mediumship by working alone. Read widely and critically in establishing your personal pathway. This is a harder route, like trying to figure out your latest appliance without reading the manual, but for some people it can be the most effective.


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