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Broken glass & spirits?

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Posted on behalf of Marcy

I'm curious about whether there is any symbolic meaning to the occasional sound of broken glass (with no apparent origin or cause) in a home. It's a very distinctive noise, and repeated searches of the house have yielded no source. It sounded as if a lamp had been shattered, or perhaps a drinking glass had been dropped. It's a small house and I've gone through it thoroughly trying to find the cause.

In furtherance of the broken glass theme ... glass occurs in odd places on the property without explanation as well. The barn, for example, is so well bedded you couldn't break a glass there if you tried, but recently I found a completely clean piece of heavy, thick, clear glass (like windshield glass). This is the desert -- dust is ubiquitous -- but there, in the barn breezeway -- was a clean piece of glass.


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7 Responses to “Broken glass & spirits?”

  1. anonymous says:

    (EVERYONE PLEASE READ) Recently i was watching my 6 year old brother while my parents were out shopping , all of the sudden i hear a very loud sound of glass breaking downstairs i run downstairs while my brother is running to me and he says "i just heard glass break" so me and him both run around our entire small house and nothing. Not one sign of glass anywhere. we even checked in closets and the fridge !! I waited till my parents got home. I told my mom about it and she said that is very strange. About ten minutes later i come downstairs to actual glass shattered everywhere. My mother has dropped a glass frame all by accident. It was the weirdest coincidence ever. I don't feel alone now , i can't even be in my room by myself without feeling eyes are on me , and i'm being watched.

    • Mark says:

      One idea is that breaking glass symbolizes the veil to the spiritual world is breaking. As a child, I always, yes always felt like I had eyes on me. Now I'm realizing it's my angels, guides, teachers, helpers, ancestors or whatever you want to call my entourage on the other side of the veil, letting me knows they are here to help me and are lining up things on the other side so I can breathe easier on this side. Enjoy your new awareness.

  2. Nicolle says:

    I really need someones opinion on whats happening in my house. Last week i found a shattered piece of glass in the the middle of my bedroom I looked everywher and nothing was broken or there was nothing it could have came off of and my bedroom door is shut all the time. Yesterday i found another piece in the same spot. Now i am freaked out!! Weird things have always happend in my house and i have always felt things here.but this is a first with glass. Has this happend. To anyone else??!

    • Carmen says:

      Yes, I have experienced hearing glass being smashed on the tiled floor where my kitchen is. This happened a couple of times before. My hubby heard the second incident but we both ignored it as there was nothing broken found the first time it happened. So many unexplainable happenings in my house, too. I know now that some spirits need help to cross over and need a prayer intervention for that spirit to find the light. I just ask God to shine his light on this soul and to guide him/her to move on. I am happy to say it always stopped the strange occurrences.

  3. Tiffany says:

    My seven year old daughter was in the bathroom. She loves to hang out there playing in the sink and tub. I was just across from her in my bedroom. Suddenly we both hear the loud sound of perhaps , a drinking glass maybe a lamp even. I immediately, called out " what the hell was that". Thinking that she'd broken something in a rampage. She replied " that wasn't me mama, but I heard it. My seven year old an I then began checking the doors, windows any place where glass was located. Only to find nothing. I went back to the bathroom , my seven year old reached her hand into a tub of water and pulled out 3 pieces of clear thin glass. I looked up at the ceiling in pure disbelief, I search for some type of hole, but found nothing.

  4. Briana says:

    I was amazed reading your concern on hearing broken glass that came from no origin. I myself had a similar puzzling experience, one that left me stumped. This last May I lost my partner, he was murdered on the 23rd of May & I found out the next day. I felt like the whole world fell down on me. I had 3 encounters that left me with no explanation & others that I felt just with my intuition. But The 3rd Matter I heard broken glass. I was just about to fall asleep (note. My friend's girl kicked him out so he asked if he can stay over, I had a studio, so I told him to sleep over the covers) So right when we both laid down, I heard a sound of glass that shattered. The noise both jumped us up with confusion, & before I looked to see what it might've been, my friend looked at me & said "was that glass that just broke" so I know I was just going crazy hearing the same thing. What I found was my phone flew off the night stand when I had it charging & was off the charger on the ground & the charger wire was hanging, that's when I notice the metal you pull your phone with piece snapped in half. Now til that day I never had a explaination why we both heard glass break.

    • Mike says:

      My wife and I were awake feeding our baby at around 4 am. We definitely heard a plate or large glass completely shatter downstairs in the kitchen. No question. We both heard it. I ran downstairs right away expecting to find glass somewhere. Nothing. Absolutely amazing. Nothing anywhere. This just happened and we have no idea what to do . Please help !

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