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Free ebook reveals 'world first' secrets from mind power research

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For nearly 10 years, a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as 'leading edge' knowledge, with a few in the 'world first' category.

They discovered how to attract luck, how to cure their mind and body while sleeping by pre-programming their dreams, how to attract new partners with their minds... they even found out ways of beating the casinos! ...Plus MUCH more...

Download their mind power secrets today for free in this ebook - Mind Surge: The Consciousness Revolution, and you'll discover -

Plus you'll get The Garden of Enlightenment brainwave entrainment audio - a powerful track designed to create a peaceful sense of well being while promoting higher brain functions

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While you're there, you'll find this incredible research is now available at a giveaway price.

You'll be able to access revolutionary programs like these -

When the reports were released they sold for $100 EACH, but you'll get everything for a fraction of their real value (...for a limited time...)

Not only that, you'll also get 22 cutting edge audios inspired by the research...

For more details, and to claim your free mind power gifts, visit now!


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