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Is Mediumship Dead?

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by Blake Bentley

Just the word medium conjures up images of darkened séance rooms, discarnate voices, and materialized entities. While these are valid forms of mediumship, Hollywood has done nothing to help mediumship palatable for the masses.

Spiritualism got its official start in 1848, although mediumship itself has always existed. It spread all across the United States and at one time had a very large following. It was a fad. Home séances were being held as often as dinner parties today. The movement even worked its way into the White House at one point, in which a teenage medium, named Nettie Maynard, gave Lincoln a message about abolishing slavery. She told him, “Sir, you have been called to the position that you now occupy for a very great purpose. The world is in universal bondage; it must be physically set free, that it may mentally rise to its affairs of this nation as well as a Congress at Washington. This Republic is leading the van of Republics throughout the world."  Had it not been for this very message, Lincoln may not have been moved to abolish slavery.

As the fad died down, Spiritualism became more localized, mostly throughout the Midwest, and Camps were formed- several of which are still in operation today. I have visited most of these camps, and even though they were sought after about 30 years ago, they have literally turned into ghost towns.

We are into the Age of Aquarius, and have moved out of the Piscean Age. We don’t need Grandma to materialize for us anymore because we, as a human race, have evolved. We are ready to be taught. And we are ready to put these teachings to use in our lives. It is comforting to know that our loved ones are still with us. Mental forms of Mediumship provide us with that opportunity, even today, and perhaps we may even learn something along the way from our Spirit Guides and teachers.

I came across a very young medium in VA named Justin Terry. Honestly, I’m a very skeptical person, but was open enough to give the experience a try. Justin received clear and distinct messages from my loved ones that have passed.  He even connected with people I hadn't thought of in years like my neighbor I had growing up. Justin also mentioned several things that no one else could have known. He told me things from a loved one that I haven't told anyone else. Justin has also told me the names of my spirit guides that I didn't know about nor their names, and a bit later it was confirmed by another psychic/medium during a reading and I was blown away!

Justin is an excellent medium, and considering how young he is I just know he's going to be up there with the big names soon and he too will be a household name. His talents are remarkable and thanks to his readings I was no longer a skeptic, it was a life-changing experience to know there definitely is life after death and wonderful to know we are still connected to our loved ones and the rest of the spirit world.

It was through this experience that I began my spiritual journey. Knowing, for sure, that there is much more out there than we can see has been life-changing for me. I no longer am afraid of death. My faith has blossomed since the continuity of life has been proven to me.

I see an evolution taking place. Once fundamental religions are now incorporating metaphysical ideas and practices into their teachings. I think we will get to a point to where we are not teaching and learning our spirituality from books. Ultimately, we will all will have the ability to tap into the Universal Divine Matrix, the energy that connects all-there-is, and know that we are divine beings, we come from God, and that love is all there is.


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