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Understanding Destiny And How It Can Help You Find Peace

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By Zoe Young at

Our chosen path already exists within us.  The path we are meant for, our destiny, is true to our heart and our being.  It is here, throughout life, we are being led toward.  Sometimes, of course, the path is averted or ignored completely.  We then become unsatisfied and full of want.  It can be hard to see clearly the choices meant for us.  To hear above the noise, the direction that is calling us forward.  But in your heart and deep within, when you have when you have found your true path, all becomes light and filled with life.  We as beings are not meant to struggle or work at life and what we do.  It is when we let go and let our lives lead themselves, to allow it to be presented, that we begin to see our calling. 

What we are meant for and what we should be doing often exceeds our imagination.  It can vary from our plans or even our dreams.   For to be honest from within you can see the truth of your choices or decisions, if they truly resonate with you.  How do you see what you need?  It is not hard, there are no illusions there, simply patterns to break through.  You can walk your whole life on a path that you thought was happiness only to find that you are still seeking.  That is the clue.  When you feel a want or a need in your life, it is your destiny calling.  If all seems fulfilled , yet you don't feel at home within, that is the opening you are waiting for.  All of us deserve happiness and the change in life to bring us closer to it.  We belong to our destiny as much as we belong to our presence and our thoughts.

It can be easy to override emptiness, to see it as only a future need to be fulfilled.  But you will find emptiness there as well.  For the need does not demand material gain or accomplishments, it seeks truth.   The truth that is your calling, your destiny laid out for you at birth.  Each of us has this, whether small or large, it is the true thing that will bring us happiness and peace. 

To seek is to know you are still looking, in search for what you are meant for.  It is far bigger than the day-to-day events.  It is a shift in the way you are and what you do.  To be led closer to the truth that is you and what you are meant for, is to release control and open your eyes.  to see what is in front of you and listen deep within to the choices you need to make.  Not to let life shove you out of the way or fall into cycles of behavior. 

What you seek is completeness of self.  Allow it to happen by letting go of the idea that you are in control.  Watch the flow of choices come to you.  Keep your heart and eyes open to the strongest ones.  And above all, do not be afraid to step on the path that is calling you.  To stay in control often feels safer, but to release brings change and even true happiness.  To become that which you are meant for and to leave the old you behind, let what is calling you be heard.  Listen to the truth in your heart.  Allow yourself to be led in the direction you need without over-thinking it or resisting.  Let go of what must be and begin to see how it can be for you. 

You alone, everyday, have the opportunity to be your true self  and every choice brings you closer to your true destiny.  The more you find yourself headed in the right direction, the more you will see how easy life really is.  You will see everything begin to flow easily, patterns breaking away, and yourself opening up to life in a new way.  Let yourself be heard, for you already know the way.  Just listen and you will see the truth that is you and your destiny.


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