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The Spiritual Path

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In an oft troubled world the growing interest in topics of new age spirituality is encouraging. However, too often there is a gap between our spiritual beliefs and our everyday conduct. This short paper suggests how we might integrate our spiritual beliefs throughout our lives and thus live more spiritually.

What follows is a personal view, inspired by Spirit, and influenced by the teachings of Spirit as delivered through the addresses of various mediums at my local Spiritualist church.

Living for the moment

Existence is eternal. But the only part of existence we, in earthly clothes, can influence or directly experience is that which is happening now. Enjoy the precious memories and learn the lessons from the past. Have some ideas about where you'd like to be in future. But cherish and focus your efforts on the moment.

live not for tomorrow, yearn not for the past,
live only for the moment, it's all that is ours.

Listen to the inner voice

We are closer to Spirit that most of us think. In fact we remain Spirit throughout our time on earth. But the pressures of physical existence often hide our Spiritual side. But this need not be. Surely we can all spare a few minutes each day to disengage from life's material demands. A few moments to listen to our inner voice. If we can shut ourselves in a quiet room with some gentle New Age Music in the background, great. But perhaps all we can spare is a few minutes of inner stillness on the train, or after the rest of the family's gone to bed. Whatever we can find, we should make the most of it.

And in that inner stillness we may hear our inner voice speak. For the inner voice is the part of us that is closest to pure Spirit. Sometimes the inner voice will confirm the calculations of our logical mind. But sometimes we may be surprised because the inner voice will contradict our intellect. If so we must decide whether to follow our head or our heart. We might even look inside again for confirmation. But experience will usually teach that feeling is superior to thought.

Nothing's all bad (or all good)

We have a tendency to polarize our experiences into good or bad, but these concepts are illusory. We smile when it is warm and sunny, and indeed we can better enjoy the beauty of the world we have been gifted in nice weather. But for those living in conditions of drought and famine a prolonged hot dry spell is disastrous. Likewise, we complain when it is cloudy and rainy, but without the rain we would have no food to eat, no water to drink and no flowers to brighten our world. And so a rainy day is also beautiful in another way. Nothing's all good, or all bad, but all things are relative everything else.

However good things may seem we always live with the shadow that our pleasure will not last, for time changes everything. Does that mean we should be gloomy? Not at all, it means we should enjoy the happiness of the moment for what it is. Similarly, when disaster strikes, we may feel that all is lost. The old proverb about every cloud having a silver lining is true. However bad things may seem there are always lessons to be learned, experience to be gained. And so we take stock, and move forwards, possibly bruised, but certainly wiser.

At one stage in my life I made a series of judgment errors which cost me a lot of money and a great deal more dignity. I felt bitter and angry. Surely nothing good could have come from those dark days. But looking back I realize I learned a great deal, and I can also recognize the positive things happened during that period too.

Good and Evil

Good is that which is in accordance with the will of Spirit. That which is good is constructive, helpful to others treading the path and tends to move the universe forwards upon its evolutionary path. Evil is the opposite of good. It is destructive, harmful to others or tends to inhibit universal growth.

But evil is a relative and emotive term. A so-called evil act is carried out by an immature soul. Its "reward" is further experience, not eternal damnation in the fires of "hell". And given that existence is eternal and infinite, the effect of any such act is infinitesimal.

The universe has tremendous (self) healing power. Negative/evil acts tend to be neutralized, while positive/good acts are amplified over time.

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