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Tree Spirits

By Bob Makransky

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Like everything else in life, the spiritual path has a trick to it that they never tell you about. They tell you how you should think and feel: “Accept all things evenly, as coming from God”; “Desire nothing, cling to nothing”; “Let the world be as ashes in your mouth.” What they don’t tell you is that this state is impossible to achieve in a real, meaningful way by one’s self. We need a guru or an embodied spiritual agent acting upon us to truly transform ourselves. Not even Jesus or Gautama Buddha did it by themselves: they were receiving lots of guidance and support from the spirit side; the Buddha even used a tree spirit to get enlightened, the technique which will be described presently.

The reason for this is that we, by ourselves, can banish thought forms, but we can’t keep them from returning unless we have considerable will power to begin with. Since most of us are pretty flabby, we need to borrow strength to be able to control our impulses. It takes self-confidence to have self-confidence; it takes discipline to have discipline; it takes faith to have faith, and hope to have hope. If we’re starting out from zero, as most of us are, especially once we’ve removed the thought forms which offered us protection in the form of phony self-confidence, phony discipline, phony faith, and phony hope, then we have to have someone or something giving us energy to prop up the confidence, discipline, faith, and hope which we lack. If we have a human guru, then this is his or her main function as far as we are concerned. A guru doesn’t really teach us anything so much as point a direction, and then support us like a crutch until we are able to walk in that direction by ourselves.

This is done through a “bending” of light fibers: the guru’s light fibers act directly upon the disciple’s fibers and bend them in the same direction as the guru’s fibers. They force the disciple’s fibers to conform to, or match, the guru’s fibers. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in this – this is precisely how parents bend their children’s fibers as well. It’s a magical process which can’t be described in words, although it can be seen. The overt process connected to it – the parent fastening his or her own thought form to the child’s light fiber (better said: the parent teaching the child a thought form congruent to the parent’s to attach to the newly bent light fiber) – is what we call learning by imitation. But this is just the mind level of what’s happening: the most superficial manifestation of a very complex process, much of it taking place when both parties are asleep.

For those of us who don’t have gurus, it is necessary to go to nature spirits to borrow the energy we need to keep ourselves straight. The light fibers of nature spirits gently engage our own, and by their brilliance they dissolve the importance coverings left by banished thought forms. They align our fibers with theirs, and shake off the extraneous casings which imprison our fibers. The only difference between a human guru and a nature spirit is that the latter operates much more slowly and gently than the former; it can take months or years of going to the same nature spirit daily to obtain the same effect that a human guru can give with one swift blow.

In particular, the earth is a highly salubrious spirit, with great power not only to heal but also to absorb and dissipate negative energy and every sort of spiritual and emotional heaviness, as well as chronic illness. The usual procedure is to dig a trench perhaps two feet deep and somewhat longer than your body. Line the trench with sawdust or leaves so you will have a soft bed and pillow to lie on. Disrobe and wrap yourself in a sheet with only your face exposed. The sheet serves as a protection against e.g. ants. You can do without the sheet if you’re the intrepid type. Then lie down in the trench and have someone cover you with a layer of earth up to your neck, with your head sticking out. Insect repellant can be used to keep bugs away. If you are very sick or are in desperate need of lightening up, you should remain buried for 12 hours (dawn to dusk) the first time you bury yourself, and for at least 6 – 8 hours on subsequent burials. Average people need only a 4 hour burial to tune themselves (there’s not much point in doing it for less than 4 hours at a stretch). Although this may strike you as an odd thing to do, you might just find that being buried is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had. The earth herself is your hostess, and she will do her best to comfort, nourish, and entertain you.

The sun is also a powerful spirit who can help you open your heart. Stand facing him (early morning is best) with your chest bare and your palms open to the sunlight. Feel his rays on your left breast warming up your heart. You should do this exercise for a few minutes every day. Semi-cloudy conditions also permit doing the exercise so long as there is some shadow.

Other useful nature spirits include water and rock spirits, which can cleanse and solidify us, respectively; and anyone who is only mildly psychic can find such spirits easily enough. They are often found in public parks, since these spirits often direct humans – who may quite unaware of what’s going on on a conscious level – to create parks around them. But since tree spirits are readily available to almost everyone, we’ll limit our further discussion to them.


(excerpted from Bob Makransky’s book Thought Forms)

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