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Trapped Entities

By T Stokes

Anyone who writes for magazines on psychic subjects will get questions from interested parties, and this particular question continually arises, and my reply to this was first published in the British "psychic world" paper in January 2005.

The scholarly author Victor Zammit, ( please look up his website VICTOR J. ZAMMIT A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife ) made the same point about the psychic investigation of trapped entities that lie within the human aura, for information gathering, crime detection and for national intelligence bodies.

These entities do not exactly stand on show, and often hide behind mysterious illnesses, especially those in the mental and emotional categories, the varieties of depression and anxiety disorders are a prime source for this.

These entities will often know a healer or exorcist is coming and will try to convince the possessed person that intervention is not necessary.

A long term medium friend of mine told me of a problem coming on suddenly, of deep despondent spells, and having swear words going round in her head, this is known technically as Endophasia, this was accompanied by Acroaesthesia, sensitivity and joint and limb pain at the extremities, topped of with aridity or the usual spiritual dullness, with agitation and restlessness especially at night, all this is typical.

The one common denominator to watch for in studies such as this, is an urge to do something out of character, or not in the normal behavioural repertoire.

With the busy hectic lifestyle our medium had, she was reluctant to seek help, she did not even know if help was needed.

The British Medical journal, says doctors are the last people to seek medical help, that psychologists are similar with problems in the mental awareness arena, and the same can be said of mediums with psychic health difficulties.

It turned out on examination that our busy friend had picked up a psychic hitchhiker, an unpleasant freeloader who was a nuisance to remove.

The British mass murderer known as the "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, was a classic case, he an ordinary chap working as a gravedigger, until as he said; "A voice from a grave spoke to him". And from that small event his life would take a new course, the Prosecuting barrister at his trial said, "he by appearing mad, wanted to ease his sentence". But no one who was sane would do this, and having studied at length the differences between schizophrenia and possession, I believe him.

Remember that even the so called experts on Schizophrenia cannot agree with what it is, and have changed the diagnostic criteria 4 times on this malady since W.W.II. The law can only define guilt from being in sound mind, and he obviously was not.

Briefly possession is from the outside in, and obsession is from the inside out, and in my diagnoses this man was definitely possessed, look at his photo, he is covered in a thick black fog, a blanket of evil covers him. My rescue circle actually did make contact with the intelligence in this fog, and it was once human.

Fellow spiritualists and fellow psychic seekers often despise rescue circles, for interfering in what they say is god's work, and Christians have moved away from spirit deliverance to the realm of psychiatry and tablets, to assist in these cases, and statistically they are ridden with failure, one only has to look at case studies of those prescribed antidepressants such as Seroxat and Prozac to know it does not work to just dull symptoms.

Perhaps the most famous case of temporary transmigration, often known now as the "walk in theory", is that of Joan of Arc, an ignorant French peasant girl was overshadowed by a great warrior, similar scenarios exist for Oliver Cromwell, and the late occult author lobsang Rampa, who started life as an English country plumber, who with a head injury from a fall from a ladder, awoke with knowledge of another life as a monk in Tibet, this new personality then fully took over his life.

He claimed that while unconscious an agreement was made that as he no longer needed his body, so the monk could take possession of it.

His books have had much criticism but they do contain much wisdom.

Another reason for disregarding the interrogation of trapped entities is that they do not tell the truth, and the court system is geared not to hear their testimony, the final question is if the trapped entity causes a crime to be committed, how guilty is the host?

T.Stokes paranormalist copyright 2005