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Skeptics or Deluders?

by T Stokes

Scientists claiming to have found evidence of life after death and telepathy, have been met with a storm of opposition at Britain’s top science event, The British Association for the advancement of science.

But this is nothing new. Since Victorian times many scientists such as Prof. Robert Crookal whose 30 year study resulted in the landmark book, “Events on the threshold of the afterlife” still frightens sceptics.

Prof. Ian Stevenson, “Studies in reincarnation” along with J.B. Rhine, Dr. Carlis Osis, Dr Wambach,,Dr Glenn Williston, G. N. M. Tyrrell, Dr. Carl Wickland, Arthur Findlay and Dr.Elizabeth Kubler Ross, have among others all published their research proving aspects the paranormal.

There has been so many independent published accounts of death bed studies, that dismissal is no longer an option. But I have been on the panels of psychic studies tests and they are open to differing opinions and results.

The church of England, the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints have all accepted the infrastructure of psychic realities, in fact all religion is paranormally based, the Old Testament is based on such things as, necromancy, astrology palmistry and gematria, that is an essential part of every Jews belief system, yet such Jews as Sir. Robert Winston are typical of wearing two hats, believing in their private life, while loudly decrying such things in public.

It is this dishonesty that underlies the funding of scientific study, where these people accept funding to reach certain pre-arranged conclusions, it is well known that a well known extremist religious sect funds anti-astrology studies, and much anti-alternative medicine studies are paid for in advance by multi national drug companies, even the meat marketing board indulge in underhand propaganda.

While in total agreement that much “psychic” fakery does occur, and such things as psychic phone lines particularly come in for much criticism, we must also look impartially at all the previous studies and their data.

The legal expert Victor Zammit has had a standing offer to all these sceptical scientists that if they give proof that the paranormal does not exist. They can claim a £1000,000.

James Randi who recently won a laughable expensive court case against Uri Geller, has constantly avoided any discussion on the topic, he is also very anti alternative medicine, and has been shown to bend statistics to disprove psychic ability. No such things as open minds here !

The current view held by some psychologists present at the conference that the paranormal does not exist, runs contrary to the beliefs of the founders of Psychology, Freud, Jung Adler and Eysenck.

When so called experts cannot agree and argue as children is it any wonder that many modern school children are rejecting science as not longer relevant.

I think the public must make up their own mind.

T Stokes paranormalist copyright 2006