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Lasting Prosperity

Fawn Moran

We understand your financial fears. You are still struggling with prosperity and wonder why. You have read the books, gone to the workshops, and heard the talks. You do your affirmations, meditate, and serve others. Still you run into difficulty maintaining lasting abundance. This is not an uncommon dilemma.

When you enter the body, you assume deeply held beliefs. Your soul’s history, culture, and family scripts define what these beliefs will be. These beliefs shape the nature of life on Earth, much of which is defined by scarcity in some form. You fear scarcity (and consequently keep it in place) because it demonstrates the validity of something you still need to believe. You think what you have defines your worth. Western culture reinforces this. This makes you desperate to accumulate to increase your worth. Then you strive to protect what you have no matter the cost. You hold judgments about others in this regard to hide your fears about your own value. You have forgotten how valuable you and everyone else really are.

If you were honest with yourself, you would find you feel worthless much of the time. You compensate for this worthlessness with over-consumption. You also think you will never get enough love or security. You use possessions, food, sex, and financial gain to fill the void. Whole nations capitalize on these beliefs, wealthy or not. You jump on the treadmill of consumption to avoid confronting these beliefs and behaviors.

When you make money a symbol of love, you become desperate to achieve so your bank balance will prove your lovability. You come up empty because you’ve made love a material acquisition. You have forgotten that, not only are you already loved, you are love itself. Your existence is an expression of joy; life as you live it is not.

When the exhilaration of achievement comes up against deeply held feelings of unworthiness, you may find yourself disposing of the evidence of your success. You might begin a pattern of spending that leads to insurmountable debts. Because you believe you are not good enough, that you can’t love well enough, that you are not loved, you feel like a failure no matter what you earn or accumulate.

It’s crucial that you stop believing you are not worthy of love as you are. Use your dilemma to question how you got here. As if all of this wasn’t enough, you add to your list of woes by assuming financial difficulties prove you have been abandoned by God. You won’t take risks because you fear losing what little you think you have. Afraid of moving out of your corner on the game board of life, you even deny the benevolence of God because suffering exists!

Changing your relationship with these issues means dealing with your pain. Worthless-ness and low self-esteem lie at the root of your dilemma. You have avoided acknowledging these feelings, because you believe they verify unshakeable ‘truths’ about you. You’ve banished them to the bottom of your heart where they undermine
your efforts to heal. You have denied yourself access to the way ‘there.’ Your road to freedom begins with you.

These issues define how you relate to Earth’s resources as well. Scarcity is not an irrevocable condition in your world. It’s an inevitable by-product of rampant fear that promotes greed and exploitation. Lasting prosperity means freeing your world from the disastrous legacy of such beliefs and practices. Even those who have plenty make fear the god of wealth and poverty.

Deep inside is the gold you seek; in your depths is the love you think is lacking. Turn
to the love that lies beneath your fear, pain, and sorrow. Stop claiming you are not loved! Indeed you are love in human form. You discover this by dismantling beliefs to the contrary. Then you will free yourself from the strangle hold they have on your world.

Achieving true prosperity depends on healing wounds originating from a separation from God/Goddess/All That Is that never happened! Confront what many regard as the great betrayal of your race by God. You have not disobeyed a punitive God still seeking revenge. You’ve never left the Garden; you forgot how to tend to its riches. You have given your power to those who appear to be in charge. Question this kind of surrender.

Love is the most important building block in restoring the Earth to its original state. It’s the crucial ingredient in returning prosperity and unity to the human family. The journey there may seem long and, in some cases, arduous, but it’s a brilliant path leading to a wondrous future. Recognize your value in this quest! It is feasible to restore Earth’s ecology, which is essential to equalizing resources throughout the world, when power is also redistributed with love as the governing principle.

Lasting abundance depends on realizing that love is always available, no matter how things may appear. You are loved freely without reprisals. When you realize you are love itself, only one choice will be left: to share that love without compromise or reservation.

You can envision sustainable prosperity freely shared throughout the world, not as a charitable act between rich and poor, but as a testament to the creative impulse that created all of you in the first place. Gratitude can revolutionize whole nations.

Why do we point to love when there are issues like war, drought, and sustainability involved in the equitable distribution of resources? Because those who hold the purse strings won’t share control without it. That’s why we remain consistent in our message. And no, you will not stop the use of guns simply by loving your enemy. When your love reduces the fear in his heart, then he will decide to dispose of the guns.

Fawn Moran has been involved with metaphysical pursuits for over 35 years (!!) and as a channel for 12 years. She have also been involved with AIDS education and advocacy for 21years and community gardening for about 6 years. She is also working on a book called Remember The Gift. Visit Fawn'sWeb site The Journey Home.