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Past Life Regression

By Andrew Parr

How an unexpected Past Life Regression dramatically changed my life and boosted my business salary too.

Past Life Regression and Business may seem unlikely companions but following a rather bizarre experience last year I found myself dressing differently, feeling differently and, surprisingly, making money differently as well.

I’d been seeing someone to help me get over some personal problems I was having and during the course of one of the sessions, some strange images came to mind, as I lay relaxing on the treatment couch. Starting out as a young man from happy family background, I ‘saw myself’ setting out in life as some kind of Knights’ Apprentice.

I’m not sure of the exact date but the ‘medieval’ period seemed fitting. Anyway, I followed my way through the life of this other ‘me’ as he grew up, progressed and gradually lost his way, until I eventually witnessed his/my demise on the battlefield.

I’m skipping some of the details here to save space, but at the end of this ‘life’ I actually felt ‘now’ the feelings of guilt and remorse over his/my actions back then. As I felt and released these feelings, it seems they actually went from my current life too.

Up until this point I’d been wearing a black suit to work but soon after this regression experience, I just couldn’t wear it any more – it seemed pretentious, fancy-dress-like and unnecessary – so I began to dress more casually – jeans even, working in probably the smartest and most prestigious location in the country.

But I suddenly felt really cool with it – calm, relaxed and at ease more than ever – but also ideas about giving up struggle (battle?) started to actually make sense and sink in at last. So my business took a nice boost too and has pretty much continued that way ever since, allowing for a few ups and downs here and there, which are to be expected.

Could it be that I no longer needed my (black) suit of armour? Could it be that I’d finally given up the battling and struggling in my life? Could it be that I’d finally learned a lesson I’d struggled to learn several hundred years ago?

Who knows? All I know is that I felt different after this experience and I didn’t really have to ‘do’ anything to make it happen – it just did.

But this is not uncommon in the field of Past Life Regression. Many people experience remarkable changes in their life following such experiences, as you may have read about in Brian Weiss’s ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, but what most people don’t realise is that a Past Life Regression is actually fairly easy to achieve and nowhere near as scary as what most people imagine.

A while ago I produced a CD/downloadable regression, available from, which has produced fantastic results so far. If you look on the website, you’ll see a couple of prime examples, one of which is from an author who suddenly realised that the character she had been trying to write about for many years, was actually herself in a past life.

You can see her full experience here:

If you’re interested in finding out who you were in a Past Life – either in answer to some of life’s questions, or simply as a bit of fun, I can highly recommend it. You don’t have to believe wholeheartedly and you can analyse as much as you want later on – but it’s usually a fascinating experience that you’ll remember for the rest of this life, at least.