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Animal and Babies Pain Threshold Studies

By T Stokes

The British Medical journal in recently published research, claimed again that foetuses and new born babies feel no pain. The research went on to say that pain is not recognised until 4 months of age, when it is “learnt from the outside world” claimed Glasgow University psychologist Stuart Derbyshire.

Until recently operations and experiments carried out on babies were without anaesthetic, but the U.S is considering a law that would make it compulsory to tell women that there is substantial evidence that a foetus older than 22 weeks does feel the pain and distress of an abortion.

But this “research” comes up periodically and is a “red herring” because this research is part of a larger study to claim animals also feel no pain when experimented on.

Prof. Colin Blakemore a British neurobiologist from the Medical Research Council is backed up and financed by the multi-national drug cartels to use primates (the Ape family) for experimentation purposes.

No one really believes babies and animals feel no pain, the hypothesis is ludicrous, and is backed by pressure from the influential pro-hunting lobby.

Phyllis Bowman of the right to life says, ”a foetus definitely has the neurological structure to feel pain before 10 weeks of age.”

This shows the moral bankruptcy of the whole medical experimentation agenda, and is being opposed more and more as people become spiritually aware.

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