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Think you need a miracle? Spiritual principles can help you can create the life you want to live

by Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott - authors of Shortcut to a Miracle

“Are there really miracles?” Yes, of course, there are. All of us have heard of miracles in the form of physical healings that cannot be explained by medical science. There are also miracles when the perfect solution presents itself at just the right time. There are miracles when some action taken by a person puts him or her in just the right place and results in greater good than ever seemed possible. There are miracles in finding the perfect job, the perfect mate, and/or money when it’s most needed.

Miracles happen through natural and normal circumstances, and the “new science” of quantum physics is proving that we are—every one of us—already wired for miracles. We can consciously take control and work to create a miracle or miracles in our lives. We are not victims of a random existence in a confusing and possibly hostile world. Life is for us, not against us. Not only is it possible to experience a dramatic healing or find the perfect solution to our problems, but it’s also possible to express the dream or desire that we haven’t dared pursue up to now and to learn how to bring such wonderful experiences into our lives more often.

How Miracles Unfold

Generally, a miracle is thought of as an event that runs counter to, or at least stretches, the laws of nature. It is often spoken of as an intrusion of the supernatural into the realm of the natural. Most dictionaries still use words such as “divine intervention” or “supernatural” in defining “miracle” or “miraculous.”

This simply is not the way miracles unfold. No matter how improbable the possibility of a miracle may have seemed beforehand, after it has occurred, we are able to look back and see that it unfolded with great ease and through natural means. It may be astonishing. It may be synchronistic. But it is always a natural and amazingly simple unfoldment.

One of the oldest and most esoteric definitions of miracles was found on what is known as the Emerald Tablet, a single piece of emerald or green crystal believed by the early alchemists to date from the dawn of time and to contain the secret wisdom of the Hermetic teachings. The Hermetic teachings are thought to be the philosophical source of the great Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt that were subsequently studied by great philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato and Plotinus.

The Emerald Tablet was translated by Alexandrian scholars in Egypt about 330 B.C. According to the second rubric (section) of the Emerald Tablet: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”

What does this mean? Very profoundly, it is saying that everything in our visible world corresponds to a perfect pattern in the invisible world. Further, in some way, the invisible responds (or corresponds) to something in the visible world. All this accomplishes the miracles of a Unified “One.”

In his book The Emerald Tablet, Dennis William Hauck explains that to philosophers and scholars of the ages, these words have long been understood to mean that the events of our lives, even those that seem miraculous to us, are really the “natural interplay of the powers of the Above and the Below.” “There are no real miracles, only manifestations of the universe’s hidden laws that we do not understand.” What is commonly called a “miracle” is really a natural response to universal laws. And, of course, the more these laws are revealed, the better we understand them and are able to use them, just as scientists use physical laws.

Science Shows the Way

The reality is that we are using these “hidden laws” every day as we live our lives. However, to go about achieving miracles, we need to learn how they work so we can use them properly. “The Above,” of the Emerald Tablet, is the realm of Spirit where the creative action of Spirit originates; and “the Below” is the material world where this creative action manifests. This, then, is telling us that the “universe’s hidden laws” are actually the Spiritual laws of creation. Natural law is simply the manifestation in the natural world of the Spiritual Laws of creation. Thus what we may call a miracle is in reality a series of natural events occurring in the right sequence, and at the right time, to produce wonderful results.

Not too surprisingly there is a direct parallel between miracle-making and what scientists have learned about the sub-atomic world of quantum physics. In the quantum world all physical matter is formed from tiny sub-atomic particles that actually emerge from the invisible world of energy, the realm of Spirit, and there is a natural Intelligence guiding the process. By combining our intelligence with the natural Intelligence of the Universe we can find a shortcut to miracles. Some people (a lot, in fact) may tell you that there are no shortcuts in life, but they are mistaken. There is a shortcut. Like so many things: it is simple, but it’s not easy. It requires that we have the appropriate mental framework and the correct beliefs about ourselves and our relationship to life. This is what industrialist Henry Ford meant in his well-known quote, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

The shortcut is understanding the “universe’s hidden laws,” and learning how to work with them. While the shortcut is simple, however, its applications are complex and sometimes challenging. Then why is it a shortcut? It’s a shortcut because once we realize there are universal laws at work in producing miracles, we can let go of frantically trying one thing after another on a hit-or-miss basis, because a law always works the same way under the same circumstances. And we can let go of being a victim because a law always works the same way for everybody.

What makes the shortcut so complex and often challenging is our own thinking. We have to work with these hidden laws through our thinking, and our thought patterns are complex. Incorrect or “limited” thinking can be difficult to recognize in ourselves and even more challenging to correct. Still, the fact is that we can have control over our thoughts. We can change even the most deeply ingrained thought patterns and habits. The mere process of starting to correct our thinking allows wonderful things to begin to take place in our lives.

The Hidden Laws and Miracles

So, what exactly are the hidden laws of the universe as they relate to miracles? There are many variations, but they all stem from one basic principle. Some call it the “Law of Belief,” others call it the “Law of Mind.” We call it the “Law of Co-Creation.”

  • Consciousness manifests.
  • Dominant thought prevails.

Consciousness is the sum total of all our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, desires and intentions. Dominant thought is our predominant belief or thought pattern about any given thing or area of our lives, amplified by the intensity with which we think about it. In simpler terms:

  • What we think about comes about.

Therefore it follows that: The more we are able to align our thinking with what we want, the more fully empowered we become, and the more transformed our lives become.

In some mysterious way that science is, as yet, only beginning to understand, we are actually the co-creators of our lives. The Universe has the Power and Intelligence to create anything that is conceivable. Our role is to supply the mental pattern as a “blueprint” for Its fulfillment. Here’s how, in a nutshell:

The Shortcut to Working with Universal Law

  1. We are, each of us, the thinker in our world.
  2. We choose the thoughts we think, and we are the creator of our thought patterns.
  3. Our dominant thought patterns manifest in our lives.
  4. Therefore, we want to eliminate thought patterns that deny our good and create in their stead thought patterns that establish our good.
  5. “Our good” is whatever we desire in life, so long as it does not interfere with anyone else’s good. Each of us gets to define what that good is.
  6. Once we come to accept that we are truly entitled to have good happening in our lives, and the good that we define for ourselves becomes a living reality in our minds, the door to the manifestation of our good is wide open.
  7. The Universe supports us fully in bringing the manifestation of our good to pass . . . guiding and directing us, attracting into our lives everything necessary for it to happen.

Although these guidelines are simple, their application is complex because each one of us is a unique and complex individual. But, just as a sailor learns to use the winds of the world to arrive at a chosen destination, once we understand the principles, we can learn to use the Laws of the Universe to bring great good into our lives—and miracles, too! To do so, we must accept that this Power and Intelligence of the Universe can, will, must and does respond to us.

About the authors: Rann and Arrott are former, successful advertising and marketing executives who have studied how people from all walks of life have been able to make miracles through the application of spiritual principles and natural laws, which they say anyone can learn to use. Shortcut to a Miracle lays out step-by-step how to apply the principles, described in this article, to the four main areas of living: health, prosperity, success and relationships . . . and overcome any obstacles you may encounter. The book is replete with real-life examples of men and women who have done just that, almost all of them drawn from the authors’ own counseling practices.

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