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Meditating Can Be Fun

By Tom T. Moore : Copyright 2007

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Since I learned through my meditation that I’m supposed to encourage other people to meditate, I’ve heard a number of excuses why someone doesn’t. They all lead to the same general conclusion—it’s boring! Please understand that I didn’t start meditating until July of 2005, so I had the same excuses. It was difficult to quiet my mind. I kept having a thousand and one things that I had to do, or had just done, pop up in my mind.

I was finally able to quiet my mind through hypnosis. There are a number of CD’s out there that can take you into an altered state. My personal preference when I first started were those of Dick Sutphen, although I don’t need them anymore. I even wrote a simple one to do in the appendix of my book.

Now here is the fun part. I prepare a list of questions on the page of a spiral notebook before I do what I call an “Active Meditation,” which is simply to differentiate it from other meditations. I recommend that you write questions at first that you are not emotionally involved with, as this sets up barriers to receiving pure communication. As you become more confident in your reception, then start adding in those questions.

When I began, my accuracy was down around 15% to 30%, and each month I would ask if my accuracy was improving. I was told to “practice, practice, practice” so many times that I stopped asking, but ever so often I was told that I had received what was sent almost perfectly. This is a skill to learn just like anything else—riding a bike, playing chess, or learning a language. I’ve been told you are receiving “thought packets” which you convert to your language and level of understanding.

Don’t be concerned with names of those you speak with at first. Just allow the information to flow. As an example, my Guardian Angel does not have a name that can be pronounced, so he eventually told me I could call him Theo. But there are whole “cosmic teams” out there ready to communicate with you, so don’t try and limit yourself.

I personally type the questions on my computer and then type the answers as I receive them in my head. Don’t expect to hear different voices. I hear it as if I’m thinking, but the words and sentences are different than I would write; and I don’t remember too much of what is said to me, so I have to read the answers after I come out of my altered state.

Below I will give you a number of examples of questions that I have recently asked.


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