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This poem is provided by kind permission of Michael Levy. This article MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED without the permission of the author.

Wisdom of Le Mer

by Michael Levy

Men in deck-chairs, sat on the beach,
each a world leader, in politics and religion,
one exclaimed...
The roar of the ocean, blocked out his intercourse,
not to be rude ... all approvingly nodded their heads in agreement,
each in turn, expressed their extreme, dogmatic viewpoints,
only to be drowned-out, by the thunder of the waves,
After a two hour debate,
unified, all jubilantly shook hands,
harmoniously hugged each other,
Agreeing ...
it was the most successful meeting ever held.

Michael Levy is the author of seven books. His inspirational poetry and essays now grace many assorted web sites, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is expert columnist for Positive Health magazine, the leading complimentary health publication in the UK. He is also published by the The Royal Collage of Psychiatry.

Michael's new books - "The Joys of Live Alchemy" - "Ultra-Violt Haiku Delights" - are now available at all bookstores.