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Illness and Karma

By T Stokes

I wanted to throw open the doors of debate by telling of an instance that happened to me, and it really does not fit the accepted scenario.

Some 4 years ago I awoke one morning and proceeded to tell my wife that in the very vivid dream with my spirit guides that I had just experienced, I had asked for a serious illness, as I felt it would enable me to achieve some sort of spiritual progression. My wife’s reaction was instant, she said to change my mind on this, but I explained that I felt that I had applied for this as a reward, a way of gaining merit points or similar.

Over the next few months I developed a serious physical condition through medical incompetence, a not uncommon phenomenon, a complicated condition which baffled the experts, and of course there are as many opinions as there are doctors, so there was no agreement on the malady, but which was variously diagnosed as; asbestosis, chronic lung disease, emphysema C.O.P.D. and something called wegonners granulomatosis. All with a short life expectancy,

And today I spend many daily hours on an assisted breathing machine at home.

Remember the British medical Journal (B.M.J.) says the average consultation time with a G.P. is only 6- 7 minutes, and a general practitioner is just that, someone who practises in a general manner - not confidence inspiring.

In Britain confidence in allopathic medicine, has been waning for some time, and its control by the drug companies, in favour of “person centred medicine”. The first rule of early physicians was to apply the medicine to the patient, modern doctors do the opposite.

The strange thing is that because of the spiritual circles I move in I was constantly offered healings, which I did not want, I retain the vivid memory of going before a spirit panel and being accepted for this condition, and then some healer wanting to deprive me of my “gift”, did not appeal.

There are so many different types of healing, and with some you just pay your money and are instantly attuned to vibrationary forces, you may not even be leading a good life, yet theoretically you can then teach others this instant healing for large financial sums, I would liken this to drinking from a dirty glass, not a sensible practise.

Thirty years ago I remember doing a six-month spirit-healing course that now the same course is stretched over 3-5 years and is grossly more expensive. I am sure it does happen that some people are told they have latent healing ability, and to take “this course” just to make money.

First diagnosis of a healer is always from the aura.

Just as some of the best artists never went to art school, some of the best healers have not been got at by the healing industry.

I have never subscribed to the belief that illness happens at random, and I wondered how frequent my experience has been with others.

I do believe, as did Esculapious, that illness can be karmic and that it is not always wise to heal, and that as the great healer Harry Edwards told me of a senior judge, why some sicknesses do not heal is because they are not meant to. To take away something without consent is perhaps still theft.

A good analogy is the parable of the car; you drive it every day and ignore minor problems until at last it is laid up for major work. Only then do we grind to a stop, and rethink ourselves through.

Our bodies are that motorcar, just vehicles that occasionally grind to a stop, enabling the driver to assess the implications of his next journey.

I am sure when I accept and resolve my karmic development which has become constipated, my illness will heal. What say you?

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