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The Journey Home

a review of the Kryon parable

The Journey Home, Lee CarrollThe Journey Home is a novel about a man who seems just another of life's nobodies whose life has been tainted by tragedy and despair. The hero, Michael Thomas, was destined for greater things, but we join him broken by the loss of his parents in a traffic accident and the end of his relationship with his one true love. Trapped in a dead-end job and hand-to-mouth existence Thomas returns to his dingy apartment one night to disturb a burglar. In the resulting struggle the burglar inflicts a life-threatening injury to Thomas's throat - or does he?

Thomas wakes to find himself in a white room. Believing himself to have died and gone to heaven he gets to meet a mysterious white angel. On being asked by the angel what he wants most, the disillusioned Thomas replies that he wants to go home. And so begins the amazing journey.

Thomas wakes to find himself in a private hospital, having been found by a neighbor. His throat and neck are un-injured and on enquiring about the bill he finds it's been paid by a mysterious stranger. Could it be the white angel?

Believing his "vision" to be real, Thomas quits his job, packs a few treasured belongings and sets off on an amazing adventure. Walking out of the city he eventually comes to a gate that leads to a path that seems neither material nor Spiritual.

His journey on the path will take him through seven houses of different colors, each inhabited by an angel of the same color. Each house provides comfortable living quarters and food, and each exists to teach Thomas a particular lesson.

Throughout the journey Thomas is followed by a grotesque monster. While in the houses he is safe, but whenever on the path he is vulnerable to attack. What is the monster, and what is its purpose?

Two themes recur throughout Thomas's adventure. He is frequently told things are not always what they seem, and just as frequently asked if he loves God, to which he invariably responds in the affirmative. Do these themes hold the key to the meaning of this adventure? If things are not as they seem, isn't the realization of the true nature of reality a (the?) major part of our quest? And to really be able to love God, don't we need to understand who, or what, God actually is?

Without giving away too much, one of the most incredible scenes is that in which Thomas gets to meet the most significant figures in his life. Not only those with happy associations, but also the lost love who broke his heart, and the woman whose drunken driving killed his parents. Amazingly in Spirit all are members of the same family - including Thomas himself. And their acts on earth were neither good nor evil, but simple fulfillments of contracts made prior to incarnation, ie acts of love. If that doesn't make the reader stop and think I don't know what would!

The Journey Home is a fascinating adventure, hard to put down, or if you do you'll find yourself thinking about Thomas and what might happen next. But it is more than that. The lessons revealed within are truly revolutionary to our common way of thinking and have the power to change us forever.

If Hollywood is looking for its next blockbuster, it has to be this. A truly Spiritual story that is neither sentimental nor boring, and the computer graphics guys would have a field day on the special effects.

So, what is the real meaning of The Journey Home? I think that is something we must each discover for ourselves. For me, it is that what we hold dearest - our achievements, possessions etc - is mere illusion. It is not the outcomes that matter in our short stay on earth but our intent and the lessons that brings along the way. we might like to think we have free will.....

Who is Kryon?

Lee Carroll was a successful U.S. businessman, when in 1989 a psychic told him about Kryon. Three years later a second psychic gave the same message - providing the name Kryon. Kryon is a highly-evolved and loving entity currently working on the earth plane to ease our transition into the so-called "new age". Kryon has now inspired Lee to produce numerous channelings and several books.

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