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Who are the Jedi Knights?

Pete the Waggon

By T Stokes

Pete the waggonOne meets some unusual characters on the new age festival circuit, And one of the most interesting must be the chap known as "pete the waggon". The New Age movement grew up out of the corruption of contempory politics, The narrowness of Allopathic medicine and the stagnancy of modern religions, the young felt there had to be another way, and wanted to take back the power from the people exploiters who seemingly, run the country for themselves.

While seeing in Britain that we each work for 5 months until the month of May just paying taxes for needless wars built on lies and subterfuge. They see the land of the fathers and grandfathers raped by politicians searching the world to bring in more and more people to work for less money than they will. They see daily the undermining of national democracy, by the very people who should be preserving it.

The young disenfranchised, with their futures stolen, watched as Christian priests sat by silently, and even blessed the planes and tanks that went out to bomb and burn Moslems in their homes, Because we coveted their oil, and their lands.

It is this disillusionment with the criminality of those in high places, which gave the New Age movement its edge?

The disillusioned are coming together and call themselves the Jedi Knights, they avoid organized hierarchical religions, but earnestly seek to find their spiritual path. The 2001 census revealed huge numbers of people claimed their religion was that of the Jedi Knight.

For many years "Pete the waggon," so called because he lives for most of the year in a gypsy waggon, was a man who helped rebuild peoples broken faces, the terrible injuries received after road accidents and violence appalled him, and after becoming increasingly unhappy with the rat-race he left it for the simple life.

Pete as one of the Jedi pioneers, tours the country summer festivals, teaching the merits of a simple life, giving advice and counseling, offering herbal poultices from leaves and roots for aches and pains, and giving relaxing herbal foot massages.

Pete a deeply spiritual man sees his god in the trees, he feels that god is in the grass the rivers and the sky, and it is in living his life in harmony with the open that he worships this god. Many are those who flock to him to unlock the burdens and cares of their rat race imprisonment, there is always a queue to sit in the gypsy waggon and talk over a hot cup of one of pete's home made herbal teas.

Pete's philosophy is simple, to care for one another and save the world before the politicians ruin it, and that death is not the end but another beginning. For those whose life pursuit is ever bigger houses, faster cars more clothes
jewelry more women or men, you are wasting your life, for you need none of it.

Pete's healing is in his message, burn your credit card and live simply and Pete's lifestyle is contagious, he has restored and even built several gypsy waggons for other enthusiasts, including a half sized one for a children's

Last year his waggon played host to newlyweds on honeymoon, they have already booked for the first anniversary, while Pete is considering an offer to take his waggon into schools to talk about a carefree vanished way of life, with
food for free and cures from the hedgerows. If you go to a summer festival and you see Pete, say hello, you may be
surprised to meet a man who will show you another way of thinking, feeling and living, take away your pain, and all for no money, although I hear he will accept a few apples or similar.

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