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The Hex Files

By T Stokes

Taken from an exorcists chronicles - A Book in preparation

During the winter of 1977 in a small London suburb, a call came through to our Spiritual centre that a spirit was haunting an old house, and had resisted all attempts at spiritual eviction by the local catholic priest, most mediums can handle the human dead, but there are other categories in the spiritual realms that do not respond to Christian clerics, and I suspected that we had one of these in which great care would be needed, in its removal.

It was with some surprise that on expecting an evil lower realm entity, some of whom display great strength and intelligence, the truth was actually quite different.

Prior to entering the house I telephoned the catholic priest and typically he hid behind the confidentiality thing, and would say nothing other than he had seen the young students bookcase containing witchcraft books inside the house, and suspected the youngsters who lived there had been “meddling”, and had brought up a “dibbuck” which is a, “mischievous dead human”, and he blamed witchcraft.

The Hebrew word for witch is “kaskah” and The Bible contains 13 mentions of a “witch” but in each instance it refers to something different, everything from a fifth columnist, a diviner to a poisoner, The witchcraft of the bible was as different to the middle ages witchcraft, as that is from today’s.

The young people themselves felt that the things going missing, the loud bangs, the disturbed nights, meant someone had put a spell or a hex on them, and a situation existed of near hysteria, the student girls said they would not get undressed for bed in case they had to make a quick escape in the night, and also so that unseen eyes did not look at them, I said this was going a bit far, but agreed to do what I could for them.

Paranormal study groups generally fall into 2 categories, the scientific and the spiritual. These are often poles apart, but we had a rescue team for spirits in difficulty, with science equipment and training as well, and I was sent in to make whatever plans were appropriate.

The paranormal activity seemed to be focused on the bathroom, with the light bulbs failing continually, washing and shaving stuff being mysteriously thrown about, accompanied by strange loud banging noises.

Almost straight away the spirit of an old man who did not realise he was dead, began communicating, his ease and strength of communication suggested he was near in space and time, so had not gone on, he had used the raw emotion of the situation to power his anger and wanted these youngsters who were fitting an up to date bathroom thrown out of his house.

When I explained what was happening, and that I felt it would be wrong to evict this old chap from his own house, we came to a compromise, between the old mans spirit and the houses newcomers.

On provision that the old chap behaved himself, and lived peacefully with the youngsters, whom he saw as squatters in his home, then we would let things be, and they could all live together as a family, I gather the main objection was to the bathroom alterations and strangely, the youngsters taste in blaring pop music, which our ghostly objector found most offensive!

If only we could all live together in peace, the living and the dead, but sometimes even the dead need a bit of counselling.

Spirits such as this are the everyday fodder for rescue circles, where normally about six earnest and devout people, will sit together and say a few prayers etc. to send the spirit to its proper place, even some mediums are unhappy with interfering in what they see as gods work.

As a matter of courtesy I called on the catholic priest to inform him of the satisfactory outcome. He looked down his nose at me and said it was definitely the witchy books, and gave me a lecture about his personal belief in Jesus, ouija boards, keepers of black cats, alcohol, and astrology columns in the newspaper. !

Never the less a most successful outcome, with all agreeing to live together, until the old chap on accepting he was dead would then pass on, to his proper place.

This was how I like it, all settled and in peace with no exorcism, a successful day.

The biblical words of proverbs 5-23 are perhaps appropriate; “he that die without instruction, in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray”.

T Stokes copyright 2001