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Cataleptic Exteriorisation Phenomena

By T Stokes

Taken from an exorcists chronicles - a book in preperation

This is a peculiar tale, with an ending very different from the one anticipated.

My friendship with the family priest who was also the diocese exorcist, meant we shared tales of what is now called deliverance.

The strange thing is that I was related to the people involved, and I think the family priest asked my advice only to insure my silence over the confidentiality thing, where an unwritten code of ethics prevents talking publicly over any personal events.

The family in question believed they were haunted by invisible assailants, as things would go missing and be found days, later somewhere quite unconnected.

Light bulbs would continually pack up, and the usual nocturnal bumps and bangs that accompany these disturbances, with a constant feeling of tension and apprehension.

It came to a head when the householders walking stick vanished, and a couple of weeks later an electrician who was re-wiring the house to stop the light bulbs exploding, lifted a floorboard, that had not been up before, to find the walking stick.

This brought matters to a head, the family of roman-Catholics were dumfounded as to why them?

It turned out after questioning that this kind of thing had gone on for years. And there was no discernable kind of a pattern here, which is one of the things you look for, no particular time of day, both the couple were victimised, and all over the house was affected.

Yet bafflingly, no signs of a haunting. No indication of lower spirit infestation, or a troubled spirit. It was only as a last resort having tried everything else that the priest and I arrived at a case of what Carl Jung called: “Cataleptic exteriorisation phenomena”.

And the priest then questioned them on a different tack, the sensitive questions were then over the couples sex life.

It transpired that they were good Catholics, and kept church teachings over no protected sex, it has long been a source of suffering to Catholics that they cannot use contraception.

Some say it’s because this old boy in the Vatican palace says as he can’t have it no-one else can either.

The couple said the three times they had had sex in a thirty year marriage had resulted in a child on each occasion, and they were cripplingly frustrated.

The resultant sexual energies, were being thrown of or in occult terminology coruscated, particularly by the woman, as at certain monthly times the energy is “stepped up” as is always noted in poltergeist cases, where the energy is often bled from pubescent girls.

This energy is sometimes transposed in unnatural practises, for black magic of various types, where the energy is not “earthed” as in normal sex., but transmuted for alien purposes, and this is why black magic type groups always include sex orgies.

People forget that the communion rite is based on ancient cannibalistic practise,

The eating of dead flesh or “Necropophagy” is said by many to the primal sin of the bible, and to eat ones god is about as magical as it gets.

I begged the family priest to give this couple permission to have relations, but he was adamant, that he would not defy the pope, and neither should they.

That a religious figure should enter a couple’s sex life in their own home and dictate to them, to me was a heinous sin on the part of the pope.

So the result after so much discussion and every test you can imagine resulted in a verdict of not a real haunting but a rarer case of “Cataleptic Exteriorisation phenomena” ( C.A.P ).

On some occasions the source of occult infestation may be either indiscernible or unprovable, and the rules of engagement dictate, you will use blanket coverage to be absolutely sure, for the welfare of the family or victim, must always be paramount.

T. Stokes paranormalist

* A full account of this was listed in the now defunct British Interdenominational Exorcist Foundation, case history no.265