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The Youth of Today

The media often paint a dark picture of today's youth, but T Stokes' report on a recent English New Age Festival gives cause for optimism. The current generation of leaders have left us embroiled in pointless bloody war and on the brink of environmental catastrophe. By contrast many young people share a constructive desire for positive improvement.

Big Chill New Age Festival 2007

by T Stokes

150 plus of Britain's top healers were invited to attend this years Big-Chill August music festival held in the magnificent grounds of Eastnoor castle, England, among the rolling Malvern hills, this was the biggest and best yet.

The intensity of so many musical funsters of all ages gathered so close, with the music, the laughter, the heat, and all clamped tightly between the earth of Malvern's and the quickly changing sky, produced an atmosphere which radiated an aura of intense spirituality, to all those who gathered to "listen to the rainbow".

Many of the young see what a mess us adults have made of the world, with needless wars on far off countries, the ready acceptance of bombing, pollution, propaganda, with intentional global destruction, with the politicians and religious leaders not listening and out of touch with the electorate, and they want out. They see doctors as just pill pushers for the drug companies, and they hunger for real medicine, real politics and real live spiritual teachings,
which are from real people not from thousands of year old books.

Their only voice is their music, and music transcends all barriers of race colour and religion, to these youngsters who see themselves as disenfranchised, a weekend away with their own kind is an opportunity not to be missed. They see political and religious parties as remote elitist and divisive, and the young want no barriers between the peoples of the New Britain, they share a unique ability in the bonding process which puts us adults to shame.

Many of these youngsters saved for months for this weekend, some on student loans, Many scrounged a small tent and a sleeping bag, and headed off for what turned out to be an amazing weekend with so many sampling from food stalls from all over the world, the sheer range of clothes, toys and other buyable commodities was incredible, the colourful carnival costumes, the sky lanterns, the feel from the very ground itself was unforgettable.

The healing zone offered various therapies, including everything from dietary advice, acupressure osteopathy and homeopathy to astrology charts, and auric healing, for those sleeping on the ground the massages were much
in demand, As was hangover cures, sunburn and mosquito bite potions.

For me as a holistic palmist, every kind of problem was seen and aired that weekend, from a tourettes syndrome sufferer, student debt, young love anxiety, workplace bullying, dietary worries to those increasing numbers of
the young with self esteem issues. I almost felt the Malvern hills awoke from their slumbers with the noise of
their laughter, the saying from my childhood, children should be seen and not heard, Has been stifled, by the young who are demanding a voice, and that their voices be heard, and music is just the start of their communal voice,
the rainbow has also long been seen and not heard, But no more.

We ignore these rainbow children at our peril. For truly these children of Aquarius are about to speak and take over and run the world on new humanitarian lines, and they are from every colour of the rainbow, Politicians can no longer divide up and breed for hatred and war.

Just as when John F. Kennedy was killed people said "where were you " ? So will it be said of the Big-Chill 2007. "where were you " ? For me I am all festivalled out for now, but I desperately hope for my next years invite.

T. Stokes