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Discarnate Entities

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We might be forgiven for believing that the only sentient beings exist on this fragile planet, or perhaps as little green men elsewhere within the physical universe. But we would be wrong.

The origin and essence of being is of another plane, that for want of a better name we call Spirit. In its totality, Spirit equates to what we commonly call God. But the nature of Spirit is to constantly seek growth, and thus it became individuated - separated into distinct pieces - in order to seek experience. These pieces never stop being part of the whole, which is why we (as pieces of Spirit) all carry a piece of God within ourselves.

One arena in which that experiential growth is sought is the physical world or earth plane. Note that the earth plane is not limited to the beautiful but tiny sphere that is our home, but extends throughout the physical universe. It houses numerous other incarnate entities though we are not yet ready enough to contact them.

But even the physical universe is not the totality of existence. Though infinite in itself, it is infinitesimal against the backdrop of all that is. There are numerous discarnate entities existing in numerous realms of which we are generally unaware, some helpful to our cause, others less so.

At this point it may help to define what is meant by our "cause". When we individuate, or become a distinct entity in our own right, we agree a specific purpose for our existence. When we agree to incarnate into the physical realm we agree a specific purpose for that particular incarnation. These purposes form our cause.

Throughout incarnation we remain Spiritual beings, effectively with one foot in Spirit and one on earth. The earthbound side remains blissfully ignorant of its Spiritual other half apart from glimpses obtained through various forms of Spiritual practice or occasionally spontaneously.


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