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Love in the Unseen Realms

Experiences with My Twin Flame in Consciousness

By Shanna Mac Lean

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“SO SO EXQUISITE! I have a big smile on my face! I don’t know whether I can remember the exact order of things as there is no ‘time’ in the higher dimensions and one image seems to flow into another, sometimes bumping into each other! As I went upward faster and faster, I raced into the arms of my beloved, big hugging and kissing. Then there was flying (we LOVE to fly), arms around each other, sometimes with our wings, sometimes not. Sometimes I just hang on to him and he leads me. We looked at stars and flew all over the starry night.

“Then we created a beautiful vision together, sending Love out from our heart to all humanity. I sighed to Pra: ‘Oh, if we can only use this Love we feel for everyone on the planet…’ And again we envision this happening and the power of all of our SoulMate Love going out to all these people. We placed an image of the Earth within our Twin Flame heart, and I covered it with little hearts – our Love. Thinking of using this gift I have been given, this miraculous Love, for the benefit of others is so very thrilling to me. I am just beginning to learn about all the ways Pra and I can use our Love for bringing more Love to the Earth.

“A long and delicious ice skating sequence followed. It was exactly like a performance in the Olympics except Pra and I were skating across the sky doing routines that would make the winners of the Olympics look like amateurs. There is no gravity, of course, in the higher dimensions, and movement is constant and easy. I wore a light lavender skating outfit, and of course, I had a perfect skater’s figure. Pra was his usual handsome self (he REALLY is!). The ease with which we moved was fabulous. Pra is tall and thin and tremendously graceful in all that he does. I couldn’t believe some of the leaps and turns and routines we performed.

“Then there were some ‘grounding’ type things – a brief walk or two in the woods in two different seasons, sitting on the grass under a tree, more walking, and before I knew it, I was walking ‘home.’ I must have protested a bit because he picked me up and carried me down the flight of stairs that suddenly appeared, me kissing him on the cheek all the way and both of us smiling. At a certain point, I realized I was floating down into my body, and Pra was watching and smiling, and then blowing a kiss and flying upward. He just leaves me heaving a big sigh with a huge smile on my face! I just can’t stop smiling and feeling the bliss, bliss, bliss!”

What you have just read are my recorded notes following one of my many ecstatic visits with my Twin Flame, Pra, in the higher dimensions during my meditations. This contact in the higher realms was a blessed gift I received spontaneously from Spirit. These experiences of meeting my SoulMate in “consciousness” during meditation always had a multi-media quality about them. I would “feel” his vibrations around me very strongly as swishing, swirling. moving energy that would encompass my physical body and all of the energy field around me for a great distance. Often I would experience a buzzing, light-headed, intoxicating kind of feeling. The ecstatic feelings in my heart area were so strong that it felt as though hundreds of butterflies had been released in my chest and stomach.


Copyright 2006 by Shanna Mac Lean

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