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5 Ways to Receive Gracefully

By Dawn McIntyre certified Angel Therapist®, Six Sensory® Intuitive and Medium

Most of us are very good at giving of our time, efforts, money and possessions to other people and yet we tend to experience many difficulties in receiving even half as much for ourselves. The key to life is to live in balance; this includes balancing giving with receiving. Here are you five ways to develop your “receiving muscle” and to reclaim your power to manifest the life you desire.

1. Make a daily list of everything that you desire to accomplish. This process will release your intentions to the Universe and will also allow you to feel in control of your day. Be as specific as possible and be sure to include things you have to do but perhaps don’t want to do. Practice gratitude for the “divine fulfillment” and the “divine success” that you will experience that day. Let it go and trust. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the items on your list that are ‘magically’ taken care of by the Universe.

2. Make a list of at least 200 things that you would do if you weren’t afraid. Then, for 30 days straight, tell someone in your family or a friend what you would do that day ‘if you weren’t afraid’. Name two or three different things each day and then choose one that you will bravely walk through the fear of doing. Start with something small and work up to more challenging desires. You will gain the confidence that you need to accomplish almost anything and you will learn that there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Once you walk through it, it’s gone.

3. Ask a loved one to compliment you either in person or by words of affirmation sent in an email. This will serve to help you practice the art of receiving gracefully. Do this daily for at least six weeks as this length of time will establish what you have learned to accept for yourself as a habit.

4. Give to yourself often, and especially when you feel resistant to doing so. Be sure to listen to your heart for the responses form your soul; therein lies your divine guidance.

5. Take your innermost heart’s desire and write a short song or poem about already having it in your life. Sing it! Shout it out! Through the sheer enjoyment of this exercise you will increase your capacity to manifest and receive easily and gracefully.

Manifesting your desires and living the life of your dreams gets to be an easy and joyful process. Expect the best and you will surely get the best.

Dawn McIntyre is a certified Angel Therapist®, Six Sensory® Intuitive and Medium specializing in Angel Readings, Tarot Readings, and Mediumship. Dawn is also claircognizant of those people that just know when things will happen and what they mean. Her intuition is highly developed and it helps her to have a deep sense of knowing and understanding about events and people. For more information visit: or email: