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Warning on Psychic Malpractise

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Over the many years of my involvement in the spiritual arena, I have become very well known campaigning for a code of ethics, and certification to practise for all psychic readers, and at no time in the past has this been more necessary than the present.

A medium or psychic reader can gauge the effectiveness on any matter by the volume of his postbag, and for many years I have had a constant input of correspondence, on the matter of fraud in the profession, in some cases involving quite large sums of money, this is only superceded by calls to my radio slot.

That every profession has its share of bad apples is certainly true, but we have no professional bodies or ombudsman to mediate in disputes, while some complaints are unfounded, most complaints are on financial misappropriation.
Just last month a London medium allegedly tricked a vulnerable young girl out of her £30,000 inheritance, this is not the only accusation against this man, the attitude of the police is that " well she gave it to him" this is compounded by the spiritualist association announcing that, " personal dealings of individual mediums are their own business"
But the law is there already, its just that the police will not apply it.

Every service provider, and spiritualist organisations are included under the human rights act-- have what in law is known as a "duty of care" both to those who work in its organisation and those who pay for a service from it.
I am often amazed that rational people post away large monetary sums to anonymous post office boxes to have spells done for lost loves to return, to win the lottery, free foreign holidays, have hexes removed, or cause death or hardship to enemies.

And as for those who succumb to doorstep psychics and Jesus peddlers, selling lucky heather, or Jesus tokens, what are people using for brains here ?

I have had letters from Lancashire telling of doorstep canvassers targeting old peoples homes, selling Tony Blair juice for deafness, rheumatism, depression and haemohhroids, one old lady claimed it cleaned her toilet wonderfully.!
Most areas of concern are telephone psychics, so please be careful here, mailshots through the post promising a cure for every spiritual ill at sky high prices, are still catching people off guard.

Remember in a worst case scenario, trading standards are there for your protection, and so is the Citizens Advice Bureau, and most solicitors give the first hours advice for free, over the years I have sent so many people to the Citizens Advice Bureau over scam readings that now they send them to me !

Always look to a reputable body for your readings, and as in a case shortly to appear before the British courts, always get a real name, do not be fobbed off with "angel cloud chakra bunny" or similar nom-de-plumes, insist on a name with whom you speak.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that counterfeiting exists only, because of the existence of real gold, and to not tar all readers with the same brush.

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