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Psychology and Junk Science

by T. Stokes

Psychology may yet be down labeled to junk science, as was its sister science, phrenology. Although the science blossomed into many varieties and schools of thought, but yet another case has reached the courts of a registered psychologist, faking papers.

There seems to be no agreement between the different psychology schools on diagnostic criteria, and one specialist will label a person as presenting no risk, and another as totally insane. The situation where a Psychiatrist can release a killer as sane, who then goes on to kill again has become so common in Britain that a recent trial judge in a damning summing up against psychologists told reporters That he could "get better testimony from astrologers and tea cup readers "

When I was teaching psychology I became aware that so much of it was hogwash and On Feb 22nd 2007 a Dr. Gene Morrison, who gave specialist forensic input in over 700 cases, and was a well respected figure in his " Criminal and Forensic Investigations Bureau" ( CFIB) but was found to have no qualifications whatsoever and copied whole passages from school psychology, and library books, his expertise was said to have earn't him over £250,000
which under the confiscation of criminal funds legislation may now be impounded.

43 Chief Constables were told to look back the files and 700 psychologists cases will now be open to paying huge compensation from public funds.

These are typical of large numbers of cases where psychologists, doctors and forensic profilers get it wrong, either deliberately or through error or incompetence. Many experts feel that the payment of large sums for expert opinions in
court cases, brings out testimonies that concur with what is asked rather than what is truthful, bringing psychologists in general into disrepute.

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