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This article is provided by kind permission of Cathy Hawk.

Powerful Partnerships with Clarity!

By Cathy Hawk

We all want strong, powerful relationships with our spouse, our friends and the people we work with. And yet, many people feel disappointed that their relationships are lacking and are not meeting their expectations. We often hear people say – “We don’t seem to have much in common anymore”; “We’ve drifted apart”; “We never communicate”; “We disagree about everything”.

As you might expect from Clarity, we know from experience that powerful partnerships begin and stay powerful with each partner having a lights on vision for their life and the relationship. From that the partners can then create a shared vision that incorporates and supports the individual visions. This is where to primarily focus the partnership energy.

Armed with a passion held vision, each partner then has two over-riding agendas 1) Keeping their own lights on, and 2) Creating space for their partner to keep his or her lights on. Simple, not easy, but simple.

If you have done any reading about relationships, you know the experts ultimately say they are a reflection of you. (Don’t you just hate that?) Fortunately, it’s true, and that makes it easier to have and maintain the powerful relationships you want – in your life and in your work. If you are not happy in your relationship with someone – change your reflection.

If you want a powerful partnership you first need to be a powerful partner.

In our last newsletter we wrote that holding your own personal energy field is critical to having the life you want. This is especially true in relationships and partnerships. If you focus on what your relationship lacks, then you will receive more lack. If you focus on what lights you up and what lights up your partner, then you will each receive more of that. It works every time. Guaranteed.

Only you can control what you focus on. As one of our favorite teachers, Abraham Hicks, says: “You cannot get to where you want to be by pushing against what you do not want – it never, ever works.” You get want you want by the simple process of always focusing on what you want.

When you are living your life according to a passionate vision/shared vision; holding and being accountable to your own personal energy field; creating space for your partner to live fully lights on, you become more attractive – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. People, events, synchronicities and actions to support you and the partnership will come your way. Again, it works every time.

So, in simple terms, at the heart of every powerful partnership is a few simple concepts: Live a passionate, purposeful life; help your partner live a passionate, purposeful life; stay lights on energized; trust the universal principles (what you focus on expands, and the energy you send is the energy you will receive); express gratitude daily; and most of all stay conscious so you can apply these concepts every day.

Live every day with your lights on! Cathy & Gary Hawk
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