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This article is provided by kind permission of Cathy Hawk.

Navigating the Transition Zone

By Cathy Hawk

In order for change to occur, the form - of objects and people - has to come undone and be formed again, hence the terms transformation and transition are used interchangeably in the Get Clarity process.

  • Transition is a natural part of the change process and it creates a zone of being “in between” – no longer where you were and not yet where you are going.
  • Transition, transformation, and change are occurring more rapidly than at other times in history
  • A key skill for successful journeying is learning how to navigate the transition zone while being relaxed with being “in between”, and comfortable with “living the mystery”.

Due to the rapidity of change that technology has brought, humans need to acquire new skills to adapt healthfully to continual, moment-to-moment shifts in our environments. You may be afraid of rapid transition based on past experiences that were frightening and painful. That is not unusual. Very few of us were taught how to be in transition. None of us saw “Living the Mystery 101” in our education curriculums. As recently as 100 years ago, humans learned to adapt to change by experiencing natural rhythms like flow of seasons, birth and death, waking and sleeping. However, you no longer have that leisure because you live in a world where change is constant rather than minimal.

The truth is you are going to live in a zone of transition more constantly than ever before. Studies are predicting that the “20-something” generation is going to have seven full careers over the span of their lifetime, and that the “baby boomer” generation may live a healthy lifespan of 120 years. If the predictions are accurate, you’re going to be around for a long time, you’re going to live healthfully, with your thought processes and bodies intact. It’s a big call to create visions for the future differently and more creatively. Which is why you are reading this newsletter…you are ready to live your life differently!

Some key practices to navigating the transition zone:

1. Return often to your vision. Visions have to stay visible to remain vital.

2. Stay curious – become the observer. Look at the situations and people in this zone of transition as if they are brand new to you. Stay objective.

3. Get in present time. “What will it take right now to advance my vision?”

4. Continue to set clear intentions. Setting daily intentions gives you direction and creates action.

5. Release the outcome. Allow the opportunity of serendipity to provide your perfect solution. “I was clear about my intention, and what showed up is perfect.”

You have decided to make a change and go on a journey to experience the mystery of your life; explore what is next for you and how the clues that you gather will provide guidance and lead to your destiny. So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the transformational experience!

Live every day with your lights on! Cathy & Gary Hawk
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