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Loving yourself

by Rainbow of the Heart

Loving yourself is incredibly important if you are to live the life of your dreams. There appears to be a great social taboo attached to saying that you love yourself, but this article concerns itself with what the effect of it would be.

It really appears as though the social taboo is perpetuated mainly through a lot of misunderstandings. Firstly, it is not 'careless' or 'selfish' to love yourself- at least not in the way in which I define it. I look at 'loving yourself' as essentially appreciating and liking who you are (or experience yourself to be), without any need for comparisons or competitions with others.

One thing, which from experience I am absolutely convinced of is that people's behaviour towards others is just a reflection of how they are treating themselves. It thus follows, that when you love yourself, you love others.

This makes perfect sense, because after all, our world is just a reflection of us. If we love ourselves, we also love our world. The notion that our world is just a mirror of who we are brings up another point of great importance. It becomes clear that loving yourself is a great way to boost your Conscious Creation ability.

Firstly, it makes you feel fantastic. Maybe you know some people who make you feel good whenever you are in their presence. Every time they are around you, the world just feels alright. Imagine if you felt that way about yourself!

It would mean that you would feel fantastic pretty much all the time. Feeling good is one of the most major enhancers of Conscious Creation ability, and so it becomes clear that loving yourself is a fantastic tool for the manifestation process.

So, what keeps people from loving themselves? First of all, there is the already mentioned social taboo. There are also all kinds of thought patterns which essentially are some version of being 'not good enough'.

Who decides what is 'good enough' and what isn't? That is not a factual statement; it is a perception. What is great to one will be meaningless to another. Did it ever occur to you that you may be an extraordinary expression of Infinity? A being, which at its core is loving, just and free?

Did it ever occur to you that society may have a tendency to teach people self-concepts which make them appear less magnificent than they in fact are?

Knowledge of subjects such as Conscious Creation has always been rather arcane and in the hands of the few. It is only now that the population at large is starting to wake up to the notion of us creating our own experience. And one thing is for certain: For as long as we continue to attach a social taboo to even discussing a perfectly legitimate subject such as loving yourself, it is going to seem obscure.

Not because it is 'obscure' in and of itself, but simply because it's different from what we are used to hearing. Saying that the earth was a sphere sounded very obscure a few hundred years ago. Not due to informed debate or research, but simply because it was different to the prevailing social perception of the time.

In order for to society to advance it has to change. That's self-evident. And if anything from the prevailing social perception is viewed as a no-go area for research and investigation, then that is like a recipe for society going in circles. If you look at the history of humanity, then you will clearly see it repeating itself.

Are you more interested in being yourself, or going allowing with what everyone else does? The biggest help for being yourself is to love yourself, and allow your true nature to express itself. And it is worth repeating that I am rather certain that this true nature (not the conditioned one) is very nice and loving indeed. So- love yourself, and set yourself free. You deserve it!

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