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How to Read Palms

Chiromancy, better known as palmistry, is the ancient art and science of reading character and destiny from the lines on a subject's hand. The fact that palmistry is still around and flourishing certainly suggests there may be something in it, so how might it work? Could it not be yet another example of as above so below, or Jungian synchronicity, whereby inescapable truths are symbolized in various ways and at various levels?

New Age Spirituality is pleased and proud to present a series of articles on this fascinating topic kindly contributed by Terry Stokes, a consultant palmist of over fifty years experience.

The Palmistic Tree of Life outlines the art of hand reading.

The Hand of Destiny describes how palmistry addresses the question of whether we have free will or are subject to an inescapable fate.

Palmistry - New Technology for an Old Science describes how technology is being applied to the ancient arts of palmistry and graphology.

Dupuytrens Contracture a palmistic case study analysed from a relationship perspective.

Neil Fennel, Healer A hand reading case study of this osteopath and healer. The Interspiritual Forum said of this reading in their monthly bulletin that: This is exactly the way to tackle a life reading, from circumstances before birth building to the present day, with deep analysis and advice for the future. In every way this will set the tone for all future readings, and is the hallmark standard to search for, and look to.

The Price of Love is Grief examines the life journey of healer, medium, and speaker, Karen, as revealed through her palm print.

The Use of Palmistry in Employment Trends Leaders of industry are using palmists and astrologers in ever-greater numbers for the assessment of employment potential. This article describes one such palmistic analysis.

Criminal Studies in Pamistry by T Stokes. Police forces have differing views on criminal signs in the hand, which can vary right across the spectrum.