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This article is provided by kind permission of Cathy Hawk.

The Four Step Dance to Making Dreams Come True

By Cathy Hawk

Recently, John and Diane went looking for the perfect new house. They had a clear picture of the home they wanted for their family (Intention); the neighborhood, the style; the number of rooms for their growing family; the school system. And, they knew the price they could afford in a rapidly escalating market. After weeks of looking at many different homes, and being very selective (Attention), they made an offer on the perfect house that met all their expectations.

That evening the realtor called – the seller accepted another offer. John and Diane were very disappointed and spent the evening emotionally discussing the loss of their dream home. They decided to relax and trust the right home would come to them (Release). The next day their realtor called again. Another home had just come available. They looked at it that afternoon. It was not only perfect, but included some additional features they hadn’t considered, and it was in an even better neighborhood. They made an offer and it was accepted.

The moral (or principle) of this story – how to get what you want – is to follow the four keys to manifestation.

1. Intention: Be very clear, state what you want, not what you don’t want. Write it down.

2. Attention: What you focus on expands, so focus only on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

3. Action: Step directly into action. Watch for clues – is it an effort or does it flow easily.

4. Release the outcome: Trying to will what you want to happen will keep you from seeing a better version of your dream.

And, one last important element – you must have faith you will succeed. This helps when you are almost there, but there is a little too much effort involved. If there’s effort, and you struggle through it, you will regret it later.
(By the way, this story actually happened to four different Clarity clients in a very similar fashion in Washington, California and Nevada.)

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