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This article is provided by kind permission of Lauren Gorgo.

Is Finding Your Life Purpose Preventing You From Living It?

by Lauren Gorgo

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for assistance in the area of "life-missions" and soul purposes, and I wish to communicate this concept, based on the feed I receive, but more importantly from a grounded and comprehensive 3d perspective. From my experience, this idea of a life-mission or purpose seems to be the one thing that holds most people back from self-actualization. From my experience, it seems that this is where people get stuck and remain dormant in their lives, mainly because of mere indecision and lack of clarity...of which {soul-purpose} is more often a process of integration, rather than a sudden revelation.

I would like to clarify that this concept of a life-mission, is no more or less than the one thing that you are doing in this now moment, every moment, that brings you unprecedented and timeless joy. It is your essence... the expression of yourself that brings you into alignment with the timeless/formless and the space of the eternal. For some, this is nothing more that having a good talk with a friend in need. For others it is growing and sharing organic vegetables with your neighbors, and for many more it is the love and nutrition you provide for your family each day.

Yet for some, this mission could be the sudden revelation that you receive as an inventor or scientist, or the inspiration to produce a documentary or film. Most probably though, this elusive life-mission is something you are already doing or being, it is the part of you that is natural and the part of you that you love to share. Sometimes its a hobby, sometimes its a living, but we can often make it much harder to notice by constantly searching for it. Perhaps this searching begets more searching...

Are we missing the point of the messages from the many masters of our time which is that our only purpose is to find and emit joy, whatever that means to each of us? We all have an individual signature expression of such, and it is only in that expression that we are evolving and lifting our vibration to the realms of our soul-u-lar truth and expansion. From my experience, soul-purpose is nothing more than who we always are... only we learn to engage it, trust it, and expand it as we grow into spiritual maturity. As we do this, we focus on this once small part of our lives until it merges into a continual expression of self. When we have grounded our truth (self expression) into our everyday reality, only then are we whole again...being who we chose to be in the first place, without distraction.

So then, it can be said that our life-purpose is in this now moment, not based in some future concept or alternate universe. It is the small things that we incorporate into our lives, the big things that we eliminate because they no longer serve us, and the courage to let go of an outworn life that no longer matches our current perceptions. This is how we make room for our passions and create the space to allow our missions of joy to unfold before us... but only as we are prepared to receive them. We must clear our canvases of mis-creation to allow our souls to paint the new and higher versions of ourselves and our lives...and this is where true joy resides, in the creation and experience of those creations.

To do this, we spend many years in preparation for the actualization of our signature essence, aka soul purpose. It is a process of clearing our emotions and detoxifying our minds and bodies for purification to allow the light of our souls to enter. We must heal ourselves of chronic dis-ease through releasing past memories of betrayal, heartbreak and abuse; we must let go of our codependent behaviors and addictions; heal our relationships and find forgiveness in ourselves and in our perpetrators.

We must open our awareness and hearts to those with differences, and join in partnership with ideas and concepts we never thought possible. Mostly,we must grow to respect the path of each individual and honor the mirrors in all to continually lift ourselves out of the forceful momentum of a life based in misaligned thoughts and creation.

As each of us engage in our personal metamorphosis, however it unfolds, we often find ourselves alone, rejected by and isolated from our peers, families and even our own mates. But ultimately in all of this, we learn to stand in our power and take responsibility for our lives and happiness by exploring the whole gamut of human suffering...that is, until the polarity of extremes is no longer necessary.

And this by far, has global ramifications. When we engage in this self exploration we heal ourselves and provide the example for others so that one by one, gender by gender, race by race, culture by culture, community by community, and nation by nation, we can eventually heal the world..or at the very least, set it in motion. Our gifts are in these challenges and years of stretching and growing into our new skins. Our opportunities then, reside in this suffering and often our "life purpose" is hidden behind our challenges and reveals itself in sharing our path and what we learned upon it with others in a way that will encourage each of them to take the required steps to total freedom.

Ultimately then, we all have the same heal ourselves by finding our joy and then sharing that joy to inspire others. Such is the process of evolution, onward and upward we go....

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Lauren Gorgo is a Spiritual Healer, Inter-dimensional Channel, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner, Conscious Creation Coach and a Political, Animal, Environmental and Humanitarian Rights Promoter. For more information, spiritual services or for free monthly channeled messages go to: