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Empowerment Changes Your Life Forever

by Lisa Whatley

Perhaps you are asking, “What is personal empowerment?”

Put in simplistic terms, empowerment is freeing yourself from limitations or living a life of misery and taking full responsibility for every thing that is in your life. It’s about quitting making excuses for things that aren’t going right in your life and DOING something about changing them! It’s about choices; the choices that you make on a daily basis regarding all aspects of your life. It’s about being in control of what you allow in your life; who you associate with, what you read, what you watch on television and at the movies, who your mentors are, what music you listen to, what you eat, etc. Why are these choices so important to empowerment … you literally ARE your choices.

A general definition: empowerment is a process that helps people gain control over their own lives.

Therefore, empowerment is about learning there are choices, in which you have the right to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be in this now. The past is the past and it cannot be changed, therefore the focus is placed upon what you can do in this very moment. What choices you can make to empower yourself NOW. As you exercise your choices and take responsibility and action, you will gain increased control over your life. I had a million excuses for everything crummy in my life. I even blamed my addictions to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol on other people. I blamed everyone for everything because that enabled me to justify in my own mind that it was ok. I was slowly killing myself to avoid having to face my problems, the exact problems that I was creating by the choices that I was making. It’s a vicious cycle, but empowerment can change it!

Let’s take a look at a list of empowerment key words:

  • Self-Mastery
  • Personal Development
  • Positive Thinking
  • Mind Power
  • Self Improvement
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Enlightenment
  • Responsibility
  • Law of Attraction
  • Self-Power
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Reliance
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Strength
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Control
  • Own Choice
  • Independence
  • Own Decision Making
  • Being Free
  • Awakening
  • Capability
  • Choices
  • Power Into Action

This is a small list but as you can see it’s a list that outlines qualities that cannot be found outside of ourself because empowerment comes from within. I was looking outside of myself. That is where I went wrong and were millions of others are going wrong too. When we activate this power within ourselves we have the strength and courage to make choices and act on issues that we define as important. These issues can relate to any and all areas of our life – relationship, financial, personal, spiritual and physical. It’s very important to understand that empowerment is a multi-dimensional process which includes all levels of our being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and each of these areas must be brought into balance.

The empowerment process may be facilitated and supported through outside sources such as utilizing the assistance of a person specializing in life coaching, learning energy healing and mind techniques, attending self-help groups and seminars, home study programs, reading books, etc. It is very important that these programs teach you and give you the skills on how to do these things independently for yourself after the program has been completed. You are looking for independence not co-dependency within the system because empowerment is a process that develops as we work through it. It is impossible to dabble in empowerment expecting life changing results. It must become a path, journey, life style or way of life for complete liberation of all pain and suffering.

I have a “rags to riches” true life story. I learnt how to overcome poverty, addictions and abuse to create the life that I once thought was completely impossible for me to have. I have beaten the odds because I dared to believe and listen ONLY TO MYSELF, which IS the power within! Guess what I have accomplished since I learnt the secret of self-mastery and empowerment? I’m now a successful entrepreneur, a published writer, an international life coach, energy healer and empowerment specialist. Not too bad for a once was “high-school dropout, sexually and physically abused, druggie, alcoholic, welfare case” huh? That’s what empowerment is! It’s about making choices that improve the quality of your life.

With empowerment comes wisdom and by wisdom I do not mean knowledge of facts so much as the ability to perceive and understand facts, and to judge soundly and act right in all matters relating to life. Wisdom is the power to perceive truth, and the ability to make the best use of the knowledge of truth.

With wisdom comes poise, and the power to think right, to control and guide your thoughts, and to avoid the difficulties which come from wrong thinking. With wisdom you will be able to select the right courses for your particular needs, and to guide yourself in all ways as to secure the best results.

The beauty of empowerment is the ripple effect. Through personal empowerment you have the potential through leading by example to teach those around you to empower themselves as well! You not only manage to change yourself but also contribute to changing the lives of your children, family and friends. You have the ability to break the chain of poverty, addictions, abuse and suffering within your own family. You are able to show them that where you once were powerless you were able to gain full control over your life improving your situation by taking full responsibility and action over your own mastery. This will show them that it can be done, because YOU did it! You lead by example and your children are only learning and repeating what you teach them. Lead them into empowerment.

So what can be more empowering than gaining control over self? I invite you to start today, right NOW! - Lisa Whatley is a highly successful business woman who has a deep understanding of life and a unique way of explaining and simplifying complex subjects. She’s an International Energy Healer, Empowerment Specialist, Spiritual Life Coach and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. She works with individuals who have a commitment to making positive changes and awakening a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Lisa believes that everyone can manifest their own reality and take control of their life. She has helped people all over the world achieve happier, healthier more prosperous and fulfiling lives.

Lisa’s spiritual path and connection with the Universe has lead her to a place of knowing that all things are possible! She has a real life “rags to riches” story having to overcome many obstacles which included poverty, addictions and abuse in order to make her own dreams come true. Today her passion is showing others how to do the same. As a single mother of four children she was able to dramatically transform her own life using the same self-empowerment teachings and techniques that she now offers in the highly successful 12 Month Self Mastery Home Study Program.