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This article by Susana Serer. It may be copied or reproduced as long as Susana Serer is cited as the author.

How to interpret any dream symbol

by Susana Serer

The purpose of this article is to demystify the whole subject of dream interpretation and to make readily available the knowledge needed to understand our dreams for our personal growth and self awareness. You do not need to be psychic to understand dreams, nor do you need a dream dictionary (though they can sometimes be helpful pointers when we are really stuck!).

The first thing to realise and we intuitively know this, is that the symbols that appear in our dreams are NOT RANDOM. Each and every one has been selected by our mind to give us information about something pertinent to us, to give us an opportunity for healing and/or self discovery.

There are four main elements to interpreting dream symbols and I've called this the 4 step technique. This system will enable you to quickly and easily understand, connect to and interpret any symbol that appears in your dreams.

I will show you how to use these four elements, and as we go through the process I have included an example of a real dream to aid your understanding.

1. Identify the symbol

The first thing to do is identify the symbol and write it down. Don’t have a discussion with yourself about why this symbol has appeared, just accept it!

The clients dream featured a group of priests. The client couldn't understand why the priests were there, so I asked the question - Why priests, not football players, cleaning ladies or politicians? The reason is because the dream was about the clients' spiritual direction and priests symbolised an element of that for her. No other symbol would have been right. Dream Symbols are NOT RANDOM they are picked out by the mind to help you understand a specific message.  

The symbol you want to understand will also be “just right” for your dream's message to you.

2. What words/adjectives come to mind when I think of the symbol?

If we stay with the symbol of priests as an example. Words that may come to mind could range from spiritual, comforting and religious to self-sacrificing, bigotted, controlling or deluded. The client above who used the words, "organised religion" to describe what the priests symbolised for her. The main thing to remember is that you can relate every adjective that you would use to describe the symbol, to yourself, a part of yourself or a facet of your belief system.  

Now write down a one or two words that come to mind when you think of your dream symbol.

3. What emotion/s do I feel when I think of this symbol?

The emotion will tell you a great deal about what the symbol means for you. Going back to the symbol of priests you could feel reverence, admiration, submissive, indifferent, angry, awe, disgust.....the list is endless. The client felt indifferent toward the priests and concerned and distrustful about what they were doing.  

Now for your symbol. Write down the main emotions you feel toward the symbol.

4. Bring the three elements together

This is what the lady who had the dream with the symbol of priests would have written down.

Priests + Organised Religion + Indifferent, Concerned & Distrustful = the priests represented disillusionment with, and distrust of organised religion.  

Now do the same “sum” for your dream symbol and find out what it means for you!

By breaking down the symbol into it's component parts it becomes easy to understand the meaning it has. The dream in it's entirety was about the client developing her own sense of spirituality and taking responsibility for it, rather than having it fed to her in a passive way.

See how easy it was? This is a far more beneficial and accurate method of interpreting dream symbols as compared to relying on a dream dictionary where the symbols have generalised, rather than personalised, meanings and the symbol descriptions are totally out of the context of dream story. You do not need to be psychic to understand dreams (though it will help if you are) just an open mind and heart and a few easily learnt tools will enable you to interpret any of your dreams or nightmares accurately.

This article is the unique work of Susana Serer - Professional Dream Interpreter.
It may be copied or reproduced as long as I am cited as the author.

I live in Essex in the U.K. I'm a trainer in personal development, life coach, Reiki healer, astrologer and intuitive with a special interest in dreaming. For the last 10 years I have been delivering training in self esteem, anger management, confidence building, self awareness, listening skills, assertiveness, life coaching, and mentoring. I've always had a personal interest in dreaming and dreams and have studied my own for over 15 years which has led to me helping others interpret their dreams. Over the years my focus has moved gradually towards dream interpretation as a career because of my deep wish to demystify dreams for everyone.