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Dream Like You Once Did

By Anna Palou

Have you ever had the feeling that no one really knows what's going on? How everyone says a lot of things but never truly makes any sense? How everyone is just completely clueless as to what to do in this life? We have seen life-altering stories in movies, we have read inspirational stories in books that have been around for decades, and we have heard uplifting songs about the celebration of life and beauty. Yet, have we ever felt such a way or seen such a pretty picture in reality? Are we condemned to wishful thinking, and hoping against all hopes that someday "I too" will have such an experience? Maybe it does happen to some people, maybe not. Nonetheless, if we are not a part of these blessed few, should we mourn our existence and simply survive our pitiful lives? We are all skeptics. It is not our fault to be this way, but however skeptical we are, we are still dreamers at the end of the day.

Most of us count all the possible errors of an idea before we go through with it. "The Non-Believers" is what they call us. Yet isn't being practical the only dependable attribute we have had so far? "If I feel like quitting my job because I don't like it anymore, I will remain jobless and broke... end of story." How many times have we heard people yapping about their crappy jobs and yet they still wake up the next day to go to the same job they hate. It's true, we live in a world where passion is put on hold for practicality. Having a stable job comes first and passion comes second; that is if you have the extra time to indulge in it, in between deadlines and meetings.

Living our lives so that we can eat 3 squares meals a day and have a roof on top of our heads has become so time consuming that there's absolutely no time to actually do what you want. In this fast-paced, competitive, and ruthless world, it is extremely difficult to follow one's dream and passion. And maybe that's why we watch the movies we watch and read the books we read so that we can, even for a few hours, be a part of someone else's dreams and aspirations being fulfilled.

I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of dreaming that someday, I too will be one of those glorious characters who persevere against all the odds and at the same time, gains the luxury of wining the heart of the beautiful co-star in the end. I want to be just like him or her. I want to hear the triumphant song after an impossible ordeal with a smile on my face and a lover at my side. I want what everybody else wants, impossible bliss. But no, I have to wake up and face reality with my shoulders shrugged, a perplexed look on my face and a cup of coffee at my side. That's life for you and me... exhaustion, confusion, and a cup of hot coffee.

Although we still have to confide with the reality of money and work, we still have the chance to squeeze in something real in our surreal occupied lives. If we are unlike the few who can actually have their passion as their jobs, it does not mean that we are "The Unfortunates".

In the free time that you have, in the sleepless nights you come across every so often, and when you finally realize that the TV show you watch religiously night after night is a complete bore... draw like you once drew when you were planning to take Fine Arts for college... sing like you once did when you won the Karaoke King in your local KTV bar... write like you once did when you felt the words come out in strings of genius... play basketball like you once did in highschool when hundreds of students applauded your winning shot... dance like you once did when they played your favorite song on the radio and nobody was watching.

In the limited time that you have in this absorbed life, be who you are and do what you love to do. Do this, so you won't forget what made you smile before, when you were younger; when hopes and dreams seemed within reach. Because maybe, just maybe, it is possible to work and have a life at the same time. If you think about it, perhaps this life is so hard to live because we have forgotten the things that really matter to us: the simple things that used to make us feel ALIVE. Someday, it may be too late and you may never have the chance so do it NOW. Time is never on our side and doubts are always around the corner so before the time is up and before you start doubting yourself, just do what your heart desires. You'll never know, maybe someday, you'll even bag the gorgeous babe in the end.

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About the Author: 20 year old girl from Manila