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Inspiration to heal yourself and your life
– The Poem ‘Changes’

by Joanne Brocas

Many clients that come to me for psychic readings wish to seek guidance and answers to life’s dilemmas. Through time I began to notice that the fundamental issues most individuals were suffering from, was that they knew nothing of personal responsibility or could understand their own power. Most refused to take responsibility for changing the things that was causing them pain, moreover, they blamed outside influences or other people for the misery in their lives. They were blinded by their own ignorance and fear and lived in the hope, not belief that things would just work out for the best and more often than not, they never did. By sitting on the fence or the sidelines for instance - they waited - doing nothing. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to explain to them that things would not change unless they participated in making them change and so I soon returned to spirit for answers - this is what spirit had to say.

Our life is one of constant motion
Forever changing like the ocean
Fearing the outcomes we cannot see
We stay where we are and constantly be
We stay in the pain of an old romance
We stay in the pain of not taking that chance
We stay in our grief of a love that has passed
Not willing to move or let go of the past
We regret things we did or did not do
We hold onto anger and emotional blues
We blame other people and then ourselves
For the hurt and the upset and our poor health
When we feel we are ready for a new start
We gear ourselves up to play our part
But fear creeps in of ‘what if I fail’?
I may be worse off than I am today
So maybe I will just sit on the fence
And wait till I get another chance
For staying no movement repeating the pain
Will just hold you back again and again
Remaining in pain not living your truth
Being stuck in your life being hurt and unsure
Not willing to change for fear of fear
Not willing to move or progress any nearer
Can cause so much sadness and other ills
Depression, headaches and emotional hills
Not knowing what’s wrong is sometimes right
To ask your self this “am I happy in my life?
For if the answer is no, then aspire to change-
What is holding you back then spread your wings
For freedom can come from the choices you make
The knowledge you learn the risks you take
When you make the first move you are starting to heal
Your mind and your soul and your body too
The spirit world applaud you through and through
Trust intuition no matter how hard
Know what you want have faith in God
There is nothing you cannot cope with, with God on your side
He sends in his angels who watch us with pride
For it takes courage to change and confidence too
Ask and receive the angelic guidance through
So the message here from the spirit world is
Go for your dream no matter how small
Do what you want go for that goal
Live your truth and follow your heart
Ask for assistance in order to start
Love your self and love your life
Because with love in your soul you will never ever fail

This was a channelled poem from my guides in the spirit world. It has helped many people and inspired them to re-route their disorganised lives - to make changes that affect them and others around them in a positive way. The poem instils in us, the divine guidance that is always available for us to use and the knowledge that we never suffer alone – God is always with us. God is always on hand watching us and has giving his angels’ charge over us as mentioned in the bible. Our heavenly watchers are there for us in all that we require and all we have to do is to ask.

Within the verses lies clues to hidden answers regarding our freewill and our own soul-development – this allows change to be ever constant, being that change is the only constant. We are spiritual beings having a unique human experience – in essence we are that divine spark of God. This means that we are also soul creators and we can co-create within our planned destiny using our soul power of free will to enhance our lives. This brings spiritual freedom and a sense of self and a wonderful feeling of empowerment. Spirit intended these verses to become your awakening from a deep slumber allowing you to change and to change your life in accordance with your destiny.

Joanne Brocas is a professional psychic medium, Spiritual Teacher and healer she lives in Inverness Scotland with her Husband Jock who is also an Author and psychic. Joanne teaches her ‘Psychic Vibes Development Courses’ throughout the UK and America and gives demonstrations of mediumship in theatres and halls, helping to provide the evidence and belief in life after death. Her first book, ‘Feel the Vibes’ by O’Books is due out July 08. To contact Joanne you can email her at