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Active Meditations

By Tom T. Moore - copyright 2007

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Within the last two years I learned how to do an “active” meditation as I call it, simply to differentiate from the other types of meditations. It’s quite simple—I write down a list of questions, put myself in an altered state, and look at the questions and start typing the answers. I personally found it was easier to type the answers on my computer, as my writing is not too good when I keep my eyes closed.

Recently I found out through these meditations that I’m supposed to encourage everyone to do these meditations, as it will be very beneficial not only to you, but to our planet as well! This is a skill that anyone can learn, as long as you are willing to devote the time to Practice, Practice Practice! I’m going to give you examples of this “active” meditation below, including ten predictions for 2007, but first let’s go over some basics.

There are many books on how to meditate, and you can even find a basic one in the Appendix section of my book. If you have a lot of activity going on around you, find a quiet place and close the door. You may even choose to listen on a headset to some very “new age” type music that will shut these sounds out. Or you might choose a meditation CD. I can recommend those of Dick Sutphen, who’s a registered hypnotist and also the author of some classic metaphysical books.

Then write your questions on the page of a spiral notebook and have the list separate from the page your write the answers down. If you use a computer as I do, type the first one on the blank computer page under that day’s date. Now you’re re ready to go after putting yourself into an altered state.

I meditate four days a week, as I have found that after a while, coming up with questions each time can be a challenge. I ask questions about things in the news, and less about my personal life, as especially at first you tend to interject your beliefs, hopes, etc and the message does not come through correctly or accurately.

Here are a couple of questions I asked recently to give you a feeling of how the messages come:

China recently launched a rocket and destroyed an old weather satellite. Does the USA already have weapons in space or do they just have the same capability as China?

Good question Tom. I will say that the United States does have the same capability and even more sophisticated weapons at their disposal that I will not speak of at this time.

So is this the start of star wars as it has been called?

Not necessarily. Both will proceed cautiously. China wanted the United States to know that it has the capability, and now they know for certain that China can react to any incursions by the United States. The United States does not at this time wish to reveal what weapons they have in their arsenal so things will remain copasetic for the time being. Neither wishes to get too involved in an arms race in space yet. That may come in the future, but not now.

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