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A Rape of Others Beliefs

by T Stokes

The proposed tightening of the religious correctness laws in line with the existing laws on political correctness, has far reaching implications, not just for Britain.

The recent attacks on spiritualism, and spiritual subjects from the psuedo scientific and psychological quack schools of the Richard Wiseman, Tony Youens /James Randi million dollar brigade, are a thinly disguised breach of section 9 of the human rights act., aimed at preventing religious discrimination or persecution.

The act promises freedom to worship in whatever way chosen, and ridicule in any form is an offence. And religious intolerance is taken very seriously.

The Human Rights watch, took great exception to President Clinton who with 60 evangelical activists prevented it coming to law, in America, but religious intolerance is still covered and a test case recently in Greece when religious nuisances ( jehovahs witness’s) were also legally protected.

The legal terminology remember is, “The Rape of Others Beliefs”, which covers all peoples spiritual opinions including spiritualists, vegan’s, witches, druids, wiccan’s, agnostic’s and even transsexuals, private spirituality.

This also poses more legal problems for Israel’s military occupation of Muslim territories, with its interference in their religious life.

The recent nonsense of a fake séance conducted in co-operation with Britain’s science museum, was a farce.

My group also contacted the science museum offering a fake debunking/psychology lecture, and this was refused, making them hardly impartial.

So the science museum aided and abetted ; “A rape of our beliefs”. Under the new law, they could also be sued for extensive damages. They should at least offer us the opportunity to speak, this they have refused.

Do not forget that if the quack Richard Wiseman /James Randi million dollar brigade, deny the phenomena of spiritualism, they must also by implication, deny the miracles of the bible.

So they are exposed as “Jesus deniers” there is no place in today’s society for people to profit from bigotry and racism, particularly under the guise of exposing, and laughing at others religious beliefs..

The American legal umbrella has world wide coverage, despite problems with the fundamentalist evangelical stranglehold on policy, and its heavy handed approach on George Bush.

The only proviso is that profit making organisations are not covered.-

And that means that the Richard Wiseman, Tony Youens/James Randi million dollar brigade, whose beliefs are for sale to the highest bidders, are law breakers and the law should now punish them .

© T.Stokes paranormal studies lecturer