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Voice of Prophecy

T Stokes

This year on 6th of June 2006, which translates to 6-6-06 is the long awaited key date for the final battle of the Armageddon.

The astrological setup for the full moon on june 11 shows Sagittarius in conjunction with Pluto.

The omens are ominous for the axis of evil, Bush Blair and Sharon, to maximise the middle east bloodshed on this date.

The church of England is also under threat as is the monarchy, and what remains of personal freedoms. This is the time when honest men the world over must stand up and be counted to say their piece.

Every where we look we recognise those of the same group soul, I imagined as did so many others we were here to mop up after the cold war, but here in the fullness of time my fears were unfounded.

The numbers of people who feel spiritually and emotionally disenfranchised, even the sheer numbers of people suffering stress, spiritual loneliness, alienation, depression or unease, can no longer be dismissed.

Many people in their sleep state are striving desperately to prevent the coming Armageddon in the Middle East.

In times of crisis we are always sent messengers.

The Cold war ended when the predicted man with the sign of the “comet” on his head would come to power. This coincided with ”Halley’s comet,” appearing while President Gorbachev was in office. Gorbachev had a comet shaped birthmark on his forehead.

Now President Bush — Incidentally the “Bush” in the dictionary under the term “bush man” is described as a would be settler or traveller in an uncleared land. directly along side the worrying terms -- “bushfire” and “ burning bush.” The American senate has described Iraq as a land needing clearing, and for years back psychics have seen burning oil wells.

The battle has been raging on the inner planes for some time, no wonder so many wake ill or exhausted, remember in the fight against evil each must play his part in prevention.

Just as Stalin the man of atheism, communism and materialism has been identified as an anagram of Satan, the letter “L” means 50 in Latin, coinciding to his stated 50 year march to world domination.

If experts assign Stalin as one of the antichrists, why are the voices of righteousness so silent on “the axis of evil” Bush, Blair and Sharon’ss assault on the Muslim world? Where next ?

Attacks on foreigners are called by Britain’s New Labour “hate crimes”. Only the government is exempt.

All people just want to live in peace, why are governments so different ?

Finally, the book of revelation tells of the mark of the beast on the head and hand, Tony Blair has the well-documented “Simian line” on his hand, this is recognised as an atavistic or psychopathic indicator, and the trigram from the “I Ching” of the linear formation across his forehead, means “hell below”.

And I thought thou shalt not kill was a Christian commandment! ` or maybe muslims do not count.

Incidentally,in Tony Blairs Sedgefield constituency at the 2005 election, the figures for the electorate were the strange number of 66,666.

A case of the devil looking after his own.

“By their fruits shall ye know them”?

T. Stokes paranormal studies lecturer Copyright April 2002