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Exorcist Archbishop Excommunicated

T Stokes

The Catholic Education Service ( C.E.S.) following a decision by the Scottish employment tribunal service, is trying to force 18 year olds to attend daily mass, and be instructed in catholic dogma. Situations are said to have occurred where tutors barred the doors to keep students in the lecture halls where emotional talks on abortion had students in tears.

An excellent article in the hard left British Guardian of 26 Sept 2006 also told of the C.E.S demanding that when a catholic school is chosen, then compulsory daily worship and mass is “part of the package”. This is seen as inflammatory and against the human rights act, freedom to worship section.

David Mc’nab a teacher has won a settlement of £2000 because he was refused a job which was being saved for a catholic, while the C.E.S has robustly opposed legislation calling for 30% of children at faith schools to be either non faith or of a different faith. All teachers had to be catholic, married not divorced and absolutely not gay or homosexual.

Archbishop Milingo the Zambian Catholic Archbishop who made world headlines by marrying at a mass ceremony in 2001 at Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s unification church, has been thrown out of the church.

Archbishop Milingo who was a big supporter of exorcism for mental illness, is reputed to have performed almost 3000 exorcisms, and is a believer in demons and vampires. He fearlessly spoke out against the bush meat scandal, where animal and human carcass parts were sent from Africa to other countries as table delicacies, the missing children mystery, and also condemned human trafficking.

Milingo also ran a high profile campaign for the church to allow catholic priests to marry, he said; “married priests would the stop the perverted activities, which has rent the church apart recently.”

Archbishop Milingo has also said the U. S. A is guilty of exporting homosexuality throughout the world in films and broadcasts.

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