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T Stokes

If one thinks back to the medieval witchcraft trials, the church told us of the grave danger we were in from witches, who under governorship of the devil, were out to harm and corrupt us, only by obeying church rules to the letter would we be saved from this evil.

A network of informants was in place to point the finger of guilt, and the cruellest of torture given to those who may have fallen into the devils clutches.

Luckily, the soldiers for Christ were there for our protection.

Only now, all this time after, can we see through the smokescreen of hatred, to what it was really all about

To keep the people in fear and slavery, happy to give up their money and their freedom, for the “Jesus” industry.

There is a saying that “those who do not learn the lessons of the past, are condemned to repeat them,”

Hermenuetics is the translation of the word of scripture, that is the law of religious ethics, into a form understood by the masses, and with any external imposed religion, it is subject to abuse, it can of course be turned to spout the exact opposite of the meaning intended, proof of this is the fact that over 200 Christian sects all claim their biblical interpretation is the correct one.

History is cyclical, it repeats itself, and now what do we see ?

We have a scenario unfolding for the modern day, when the devil is now played by Osama Bin laden, who is out to harm and corrupt us, the witches are now the Muslims and fellow travellers, who must be, if not burnt at the stake, certainly bombed and burnt in their homes.

Luckily, the torturers at Guantanamo Bay are doing a grand job, with the modern day thumb screws, iron maiden etc. and just as Jesus wanted to be crucified for our sins,

So the part is now played by Iraqi insurgents, terrorists and militiamen, who it is said, are also happy to die for our sins.

So the Spanish inquisition is now the war on terror, where heretics must suffer if they refuse the brand of freedom and democracy, offered by the American senate.

The modern soldiers for Christ are blindly following the same old script, it is a good job they are led by the blessed trinity, Bush, Blair and Sharon.

Just as the medieval lawmakers would confiscate and keep witches property, so the modern witchfinder’s can legally take and keep Arab finances in western banks, and of course their oil.

It seems we have updated the law whereby, we swim them and if they drown they are innocent, and if they float they are guilty, and can legally be killed.

The blindfolding of the population to the criminal activity of our leaders, traditionally follows the fall of the tower of Babel, or now the twin towers of Babel. And is part of the pattern of the “devils fightback” and justifies any means necessary in the war on terror/witchcraft.

Where Hermenuetics fits in, is the clawing back of the ability to think and feel for ourselves, only by rejecting the vested interests of external higher-archical religions

And looking to the world within for our own genuine spiritual identity, and path forward, and to not hate our neighbours, can we ever hope to achieve that feeling of belonging, that feeling of oneness that being in harmony with our spiritual selves can give, and we may at times be able to see that promise and grasp at it, but only a spiritual life can hold that promise.

Copyright 2005 T.Stokes paranormal studies lecturer