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Death During Exorcism

a T Stokes article

This is a rare occurrence but a recent case in Rumania, where a nun from the holy trinity convent in the village of Tanacu, named Irina Maricica Cornici is to have her body exhumed for forensic tests.

The general Prosecutors office ruled that the 23 year old nun who had been secretly tied up, and chained to a cross for several days without food or water during the ritual, was killed unlawfully.

A monk and 4 nuns have been charged with her murder, and in a bid to prove he is innocent, the monk has asked the brother of the nun to come forward as he asked for the exorcism, to cure her mental illness, which is believed to be schizophrenia.

They are on temporary release, but the charges remain and they could be back for 25 years in jail for her murder.

The larger picture here is that there are many cases on record of catholic exorcisms being handled in the same way, the tying up and the withholding of food and drink, and being forced to touch religious relics, sometimes having them put into the mouth or other bodily orifices, this seems to be standard procedure, I have witnessed similar myself, and remember nuns in children’s homes are on record for this very behaviour,

A variety of cause is behind this from disruptive behaviour to being left handed, and inability to recite bible tracts.

So for me the church should also be on trial, as should the belief that spirits enter children’s bodies through their sex organs, this is still cannon Church of England doctrine, and this can be part of, or a prelude to, emotional or sexual abuse.

There is much argument between experts over what constitutes possession, with differentials over mental illness, and physical dysfunctionality.

The church has made a mess of many recent exorcisms using the new guidelines and changes since the death of master exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre, who told me this is the very scenario he feared.

His advice for madness still stands the test of time, “ look for people claiming to be Joan of Arc,

Conversing with invisible spirits, wetting the bed at 45 years of age, and refusing to speak for months at a stretch”

But what is madness ?

It seems you cannot trust the church in spiritual matters, as an interdenominational

Exorcist, I will no longer give advice on these concerns to any church, who contacts me anonymously, lets now have it all out in the open.

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