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The Meaning of Easter

The Easter Story

For many, Easter is a much welcomed few days off work. But a little reflection on its true significance can yield Spiritual and earthly benefits.

Easter Sunday is the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. The preceding Friday, "Good" Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus.

To more than 2 billion (2,000,000,000) Christians, or a third of the earth's population, the celebration of Easter is the most special time. It marks the bodily resurrection of Lord Jesus following the crucifixion and provides proof that death does not exist.

2,000 years ago Lord Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, to teach the waiting crowds to love rather than judge one another, and to fulfill his appointed destiny. Seen as a threat by the prevailing authorities he ended up nailed to a cross. But that was not the end, for the bodily resurrected Christ proved that hate can never conquer truth and that love will always prevail. Though Jesus' fate seems incredibly cruel, without it His message could never endured so long and given light to so many.

The celebration of "Easter" is much older than Christianity. The Spring equinox recognizes the earth coming back to life and productivity after the cold, dark winter.

Traditional symbols of Easter, eg the Easter egg and Easter bunny, represent fertility and the life force that animates us all.

roses are red and cherry blossoms are pink
on and on the birds twitter and fly over trees
squirrels wake up from their long winters sleep
every thing and everyone are ready for spring and a new start!

Easter is the time for new beginnings. Real estate agents know it is the time when most people make the decision to move home. In many countries this time is the start of the financial or educational year.

During the winter nights are long and days are short. We tend to sleep, or consolidate what we have. Some animals hibernate, by-passing the dark days altogether. When Spring/Easter comes we begin to feel invigorated - full of energy. It is our most productive time. If we can develop new ideas at this time it is more likely they will grow to fruition than any other.

Easter demonstrates the cyclic nature of physical reality. What goes around, comes around. There is no end, and no beginning. Merely and endless cycle of improvement and growth.

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