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Paranormal Questionnaire

The results

This page gives summary results of 164 replies to my Paranormal Questionnaire to Dec 24th, 1997.

Do you believe that the Universe consists of more than physical matter and energy?

Yes 87%
No 12%

Does man (within the limits of external circumstances) possess free will - i.e. the ability to determine his own destiny?

Yes 83%
No 16%

Telepathy (direct mind-to mind communication)

Definitely believe 44%
Strong probability 30%
Some possibility 20%
Do not believe 5%

Clairvoyance (knowledge of events distant in space/time by "non-physical" means)

Definitely believe 46%
Strong probability 29%
Some possibility 18%
Do not believe 6%

Precognition (knowledge of future events by "non-physical" means)

Definitely believe 52%
Strong probability 30%
Some possibility 15%
Do not believe 3%

Psychokinesis (mind having a direct and measurable influence upon physical matter)

Definitely believe 29%
Strong probability 33%
Some possibility 30%
Do not believe 8%

Continued existence of individual consciousness after physical death

Definitely believe 56%
Strong probability 20%
Some possibility 15%
Do not believe 8%

Communication between living persons and spirits of the dead

Definitely believe 36%
Strong probability 26%
Some possibility 21%
Do not believe 16%

Reincarnation (a single spirit having many earthly incarnations)

Definitely believe 24%
Strong probability 23%
Some possibility 29%
Do not believe 23%

I was unsurprised to find a generally positive attitude toward the paranormal simply because committed non-believers are less likely to be viewing a paranormal web-site in the first place, however it was interesting to discover attitudes toward different facets of the field. Precognition, survival and clairvoyance are the most widely accepted phenomena; whereas reincarnation, communication (with the dead) and pk arouse most scepticism.

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