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Finding a Soul Mate - help & advice on finding your perfect partner and building an incredible relationship

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Soul Mates Myth or Reality

Dr. Georgina Cannon

As human beings, we instinctively yearn for intimate connections with others. Generally, if we're not happily partnered then we're looking to be happily partnered!

I therefore thought this would be a great time to talk about soul mates, especially some of the enduring myths. Not to burst your bubble, but I'll let you in on a little secret: soul mate is not synonymous with life partner or lover.

But I felt an instant connection!

Many times I've had people tell me about someone they've met or maybe seen across the proverbial crowded room. They tell me about the instant connection they felt with this person, or how it seems like they know the person already. They are convinced these are the signs of a soul mate relationship. My belief, however, is that this is rarely the case.

Instead, these instant connections are simply the intuitive recognition of a familiar pattern.

When we're born, our early interactions with others indelibly shape our definition of love. If our parents were distant and undemonstrative, we quickly take distant and undemonstrative as our definition of love. If our parents argued a lot, we learn that arguing means love.

When we meet someone and feel an instant connection, it's usually because they carry out the pattern that matches our definition of love. Even though the person may not have uttered a single word or exhibited a single indicative behavior, we know at a DNA level that they are a pattern match.

So who is your soul mate, then?

A soul mate is any person who comes into your life to help you learn a lesson that will advance your spiritual growth. Period. A soul mate can be your father, your sister, your friend, your boss, your dentist, or the guy you buy your paper from every morning.

A soul mate might be with you for a short or a long period of time. You might have a close relationship or a passing encounter. You might meet several soul mates in one lifetime. The key is the lesson your soul mate helps you learn.

Soul mates pre-arrange their encounters in the space between lives. One soul agrees to help another soul evolve in a certain way by learning a particular lesson. When both souls are incarnated, they meet to carry out their agreement. You don't have to worry about finding your soul mate. You will naturally find each other.

Now, your soul mate might be your romantic partner. When this happens, it can be truly wonderful. But even if your partner isn't a soul mate, you can still have a deep, soulful connection that helps both of you grow. In fact, mutual growth should be a fundamental part of any love relationship.

© Dr. Georgina Cannon 2005

Dr. Georgina Cannon, a certified master clinical hynotherapist, is an international award-winning teacher, lecturer and Director of the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Toronto, Ontario. In the seven years since it’s founding, Cannon has initiated the ethical protocols and procedures for regression now followed by her students and many others in the regression field.

She is recognized by many in the media as “The Source” for expert opinion in the field of hypnotherapy and issues around complimentary wellness treatments, and she regularly meets with medical and wellness professionals to enhance their knowledge and awareness of hypnosis and the dynamic healing potential of soul, or past life journeys.

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Finding a Soul Mate - help & advice on finding your perfect partner and building an incredible relationship